Number Fans

Thinking ahead to the summer term, I have been trying out new things for my classroom, making changes and adding to the various learning areas.
One of the children's 'may do' tasks is to play a maths game with a partner.  I usually keep the offerings related to their current topic in maths, but given that they love using fans with the challenge cards I make, I wanted to give them more choice in this area.  Although fantastic, the manufactured number fans are expensive to buy, so I though I would have a go at making my own.
Printed on paper, these fans are sturdy once laminated and should take the knocks through repeated use.  I have created a modest number for my maths area, as I don't have help in my infant classroom and couldn't bear the thought of making 26 sets for lessons - lol!  Once completed just punch a hole and tie together with wool, string etc.
I'm sharing these in the hope that you can use them too!
NB Please note the coins fan is British coins only!  I have added a wee number fan too.

Money fans download

         Number fans download

       Coin fans download

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