Finally getting a chance to update the blog – I just don’t know where the time goes!
In between Parent Interviews, student teachers and the end of term madness, I have managed to keep busy with ‘free stuff’ (explanations later!), and American bloggers!

Let me explain......
After the worldwide phenomenon of facebook and twitter, now we have Pinterest!  I love it!  It’s a really simple concept, but brilliant!

After 25 years as an educator, it is easy to become complacent and set in your ways.  I find that browsing the internet continually throws up new and interesting ideas for me personally and professionally.  I want to keep motivated and bring fresh ideas to the classroom, but where to find something different?  Often I come across ideas when I am not specifically looking for something, mean to bookmark it for later, but forget. This is where Pinterest comes in.  Not only is it a great way to keep all your ideas together for when you need them, but it also offers endless possibilities on finding a wide range of ideas – I often find myself just reading for hours about all the interesting lives people lead! For me, fifteen years ago, none of this would have been possible and I am constantly amazed that I can make online friendships with people I will never be able to meet, but can talk to for hours and share common goals.  Living where I do, opportunities are limited – modern technology never fails to astound me!

Anyway, I digress!  Pinterest is basically a collection of (memo) boards, where you can pin ideas, just like you would pin notes.  On my bookmark bar I have a little icon with the words ‘pin it’.  As I am browsing the internet and find something I want to come back to later, I just click my icon on the bookmark bar and pin – this takes me to my Pinterest account where I can decide which board I want to pin it to.  I currently have 21 boards with a variety of pins.  All of my boards relate to teaching, e.g. numeracy, literacy, display ideas, classroom organisation and so on.  However Pinterest is for everybody!  Some people have boards just for recipes, crafting and lifestyle.

So now I know that all the things that interest me are kept in one place to return to when I need them.  Fortunately the pins also include a link to take you directly to the website where you first encountered the idea!  Also when you are browsing Pinterest, it is possible to browse other boards and repin if you find something interesting there.

This leads me nicely to American bloggers – wow!  This ‘trend’ seems to be a few years old.  American elementary teachers just love to blog!  I have found such a variety of blogs on Pinterest.  They have amazing ideas on classroom organisation and management that are so interesting and motivating – a completely different world!  The bloggers seem to be so committed to everything they do and have an enormous appetite for life, coupled with such a positive attitude towards their chosen career.  They appear to be supermums, incredibly dedicated to family life, as well as working full-time and blogging about what they do and achieve – just where do they find the time?!! Not only do they write, but they share their ideas, mostly for free, with great detail and superb photography.  Most of them also appear to run ‘shops’ where they also sell teaching resources.  Their blogs are beautifully put together, with superb graphics and can keep you engaged for hours – I have the utmost respect for these ladies and wish I had those levels of energy and enthusiasm!  I have already pinned lots of ideas from these bloggers and have begun to implement some of them in my classroom, which the children love.  In my next post, I will share a couple of things and include links!

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