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Although I use my Smartboard on a daily basis, I would not often use a Powerpoint Presentation.  I am nearly ashamed to admit that I have only ever created one which was used for a school fair!  They seem to have become quite popular again, as I have seen them used quite frequently by young student teachers coming through - I really thought they'd had their heyday, but that could be because I have never shown much interest in them. 
Recently I came across a lovely little site called Topic Resources.  The majority of their downloads are Powerpoint Presentations and I really appreciate the hard work and thought that has obviously gone into the production of them.  I wanted to share this site with you as the resources are very inexpensive and my pupils have enjoyed the addition to my teaching.  
I have reached the point now where I would like to produce some of my own, but currently lack the time required - maybe in the summer holidays?!
I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do! ☺

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