Miss Rumphius, the lupine lady!

Preparing for the start of the new term, I have recently moved around our furniture, to create more marked learning areas within the classroom.  After a long winter, I needed a change!

I have been trying to decide what to do with my display boards, particularly the one currently dedicated to winter.  Once again, Pinterest has come to my rescue!  Unfortunately, I didn't 'pin' the idea and don't know who to credit!  I will continue the search and update this post with my thanks to the author.

Spring has sprung (!) and I need to change my display board from winter to spring, but wanted a new idea, instead of the same old, same old!  Browsing Pinterest I came across this book:  Miss Rumphius and was able to buy it from an english company on the internet.

In the story Miss Rumphius became known to the village children as "The Lupine Lady" because she always carried lupine seeds in her pockets and scattered them everywhere.  The idea was that everyone should do their bit to make the world a more beautiful place.  'Miss Rumphius' has won the American Book Award and is really the most delightful story.  Accompanying the original post on Pinterest was an art idea which would be ideal for my Spring board.  Basically the children would be creating lupins from thumbprints using the colours blue, purple and rose with white on top.  I have spent some time photographing lupin leaves (!) in my garden, saving images from the internet and researching the history of the name.  I intend to collate my research into a Powerpoint Presentation, along with the story, to create interest and motivate.  I really can't wait to see how these turn out - I am sure they will look amazing!

Hopefully many wonderful photos to follow! ☺

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