Spring Lupins!

Apologies that it has been so long since I posted.  With Standardised Testing, the Queens Jubilee and an Olympic themed Sports Day to prepare for, it's been very hectic!  Finally the sun appeared too, so I've been spending much more time outdoors.

I've started to clear my room for the end of the year - we finish at the end of June - and have been trying to get everything nicely organised and labelled for my next class.  My colleagues have noticed that I've become a label obsessive due to all the wonderful buys I've been making at TpT!

I've finally managed to take some photos of my Spring display board.  Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the children 'creating', but they had a real fun time.  I think the finished creations look stunning, but I'm afraid my photos don't do them justice.

I introduced the lesson with the Lupin Powerpoint I'd created (very basic, as it was the first one I'd ever completed!), then set about the task.  I was rather nervous doing this with my whole class and no assistance - visions of paint everywhere......our whole classroom is carpeted (we have underfloor heating) and my babies are only 6/7 years old.  However I couldn't have been more proud - they did such a fabulous job!

The original post on the background of my project can be found here.  The display board is located at the back of my room near the art area and back door.  It's so mind-blowing that such young children can produce these amazing pieces of work thanks to a simple idea and a wonderful children's book - thank you Miss Rumphius!

I hope you find them just as stunning as I do! 

For more art ideas, click the button below to hop around some fabulous ideas!


Minibeast Video

Thought this was mega cute!  Will be showing the kiddies next week before our minibeast hunt!


Spring Freebies!

Just wanted to share some Spring downloads that I have already used or am about to use in my classroom.  Some include Easter but you might want to earmark for next year.  Enjoy!

Spring Word Mat Download here

Flower Numbers 1-10 Download here

Colouring Flowers Download here

Spring Display Letters Download here


Describe that noun!

I have just come across a lovely idea found on The Teacher Wife blog.  I liked it so much, I have adapted it for my Minibeast topic.  It's a wonderful template to have and I can change it at any time to suit my needs.

We have reached a point in the academic year where children need to be revising and consolidating their knowledge for future use and this idea just makes it more fun!

The document says it all really - the children use a picture(noun) to practise their understanding of what an adjective is.  If you would like the template without the specific detail, please let me know and I will organise it.  Have fun!

Download here


Number Games

My little 7 year olds are getting tired!  Third term blues and exam season, they tire very easily in the afternoons!  Or perhaps my teaching is causing the lethargy - hope not!

To get create some excitement and movement (but learn and consolidate at the same time - my sneaky plan!), we play number games.

I have two favourites called Ping Pong and Popcorn.

Ping Pong revises Number Bonds and I hope to have speedy, automatic responses without thinking.  Although my children can add Hundreds Tens and Units with bridging on paper, many still count number pairs on their fingers!

It goes like this:  I shout 'Ping' at them, they shout 'Pong' back.  I may shout it twice, three, four times and their response must be the same.  They love the freedom of shouting and have woken up! Lol!

We then practice and consolidate their knowledge of number pairs/bonds up to 10, then up to 20.

I tell them the number eg 10, then shout a number instead of ping, eg 2, they must respond with 8 and so on.  The children love this and it can be very funny!

This one is to consolidate the children's knowledge of odd and even numbers.  They stand behind their chairs and when I call an odd number, they must crouch down.  When I call an even number, they spring up high with their hands in the air and shout 'POPCORN'.  I love to try and catch them out, especially with big numbers and the results can be hilarious!

An extra game they like to play, but on paper, is THE SECRET NUMBER - see download below.

I deliberately choose low numbers to make it fun, but still leave some challenge.  I might have a grid on the board with the numbers 1 to 15.  Once of these numbers is my 'secret' number.  I give them four clues, which if followed correctly, will lead to my secret number.  Examples of clues:
1.  It is an odd number
2.  It has 2 digits etc

The bigger challenge is when I give them their own number grid, they choose their secret number and make up their own clues.  I sometimes do this with the older classes I teach in the afternoons and they add examples such as: it is a prime number, it's a multiple of....and so on.

Hope you try these out and have fun!  Let me know what you think!

Download here


The Natural World - animals & minibeasts!

Apologies that I have been away so long - the last few weeks have been hectic!

Firstly thank you so much to my one and only follower - lol!  You are so kind and I no longer feel like 'Billy no mates' haha!  I will be over to check out your blog as soon as I finish up here.

I finally got my Spring display board covered in gorgeous lupins and hope to take pictures next week.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the children creating! The results were amazing and the children had a great time and loved the finished results!

My children are shortly finishing their unit on animals - we have been learning all sorts of new words like habitat, food chain, camouflage, hibernation, migration, nocturnal etc and they have enjoyed researching these words very much.  They have also enjoyed learning how to spell them as part of our 'word of the week' challenge!

To finish our animal unit, we visited a fun farm and the children were able to pet and feed farm animals.  Before our visit I used a set of posters as a visual for the children's research.  I would like to share these with you.  I have also created a set of minibeast posters for the children to become familiar with what we might meet on our first minibeast hunt, which starts the second part of our topic about the natural world.  The children just love anything to do with animals/insects and are very respectful when we investigate.

I hope you enjoy the poster sets and find them of some use in your classroom.  I have also added a 'word of the week' poster - I use these on my focus wall - more of that in a future post.  The wall is still awaiting pics too!

Minibeasts Photo Pack Download here

Word of the Week Download here

Speak soon - have so much to share!

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