The Natural World - animals & minibeasts!

Apologies that I have been away so long - the last few weeks have been hectic!

Firstly thank you so much to my one and only follower - lol!  You are so kind and I no longer feel like 'Billy no mates' haha!  I will be over to check out your blog as soon as I finish up here.

I finally got my Spring display board covered in gorgeous lupins and hope to take pictures next week.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the children creating! The results were amazing and the children had a great time and loved the finished results!

My children are shortly finishing their unit on animals - we have been learning all sorts of new words like habitat, food chain, camouflage, hibernation, migration, nocturnal etc and they have enjoyed researching these words very much.  They have also enjoyed learning how to spell them as part of our 'word of the week' challenge!

To finish our animal unit, we visited a fun farm and the children were able to pet and feed farm animals.  Before our visit I used a set of posters as a visual for the children's research.  I would like to share these with you.  I have also created a set of minibeast posters for the children to become familiar with what we might meet on our first minibeast hunt, which starts the second part of our topic about the natural world.  The children just love anything to do with animals/insects and are very respectful when we investigate.

I hope you enjoy the poster sets and find them of some use in your classroom.  I have also added a 'word of the week' poster - I use these on my focus wall - more of that in a future post.  The wall is still awaiting pics too!

Minibeasts Photo Pack Download here

Word of the Week Download here

Speak soon - have so much to share!

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