A last post for today before I prep for school tomorrow.  (Have made some headway with the reports!!)

If you have read any previous posts, you will know that my last unit for this last bit of the year is all about minibeasts.  I was looking through some photos and came across a little project we had undertaken as a way to understand the life-cycle of a butterfly, but had forgotten to upload them!

I love this website: Insectlore although it is quite expensive!  Have a look at the cheesy video below and guess what I bought!

Indeed!  We had the company of caterpillars for a couple of weeks and then the pleasure of seeing them fly off to their new habitat.
The caterpillars arrive as tiny black dots, feast on the super-food on the bottom of the jar and within a few days change to these handsome babies - yikes!  The children checked them every day to watch their progress and were amazed at how quickly they grew.  The instructions indicate that when they crawl to the top of the jar, they are about to form a chrysalis, that is when they get transferred to the butterfly garden.  The end process provided us with 5 beautiful Painted Lady butterflies!


  1. Thanks for following! I'm your newest follower. I've ordered from Insect Lore for a few years. I love the excitement in the kids as they watch butterflies emerge.

    Surfing to Success

  2. Hi Mercedes!
    Thank you for following - I've now got 20 followers - yay!I love Insect Lore - just wish it wasn't so expensive!!
    I love your clip art and appreciate very much that you replied - thank you!
    I'm not giving up yet!
    Wendy ☺


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