All smiles before we set off - that's me kneeling with Holly on the right behind the lady in the pink coat! 

Yes, it's that time of year again and I never change!  I'm supposed to be writing reports, but thought I'd procrastinate as usual and stop by with a little personal post.

Those who know me personally, will know that I suffered a playground accident about 6 weeks ago.  Unfortunately I got in the way of a 'rough' playground game and ended up at Accident and Emergency with an injured back, for which I am still taking medication.

As mentioned in an earlier post I had planned to take part in a sponsored walk to raise funds for a local charity which rescues unwanted dogs from being 'put to sleep'.  This is a wonderful charity which relies on public support, where volunteers give tirelessly of their time to help these neglected and often badly abused animals.  It is also here where I found my precious border collies - failed farm dogs - and am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to adopt them.

The rescue had organised a woodland walk, we had gathered sponsors etc, but I was unsure if my back would be up to the challenge!  I am glad to report that I actually managed the whole thing, which in reality was not that big a deal, but I was soooo happy, you'd think I'd run a marathon!  So, a personal thanks to friends, family and most of all my wonderful colleagues at school for supporting me.  The little group of walkers and their pets managed to raise approx. £2,500 between them, all of which will go towards the upkeep and running of this wonderful rescue.  I thought I'd include a couple of photos.....

Just a small part of the group before we set off.

Holly who will be 17 soon!

Blue who has just turned two - no guesses how I came by his name!

Sunbathing beauties in our back garden last summer.

Long tongue - hehe!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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