Time off work and 'The Planets'!

I am currently enjoying a week off work!  Our schools finish at the end of June and the new school year begins in September, therefore we would not normally have this time.  As for all teachers there is so much to do at the end of the school year, I would rather just get on with it!  That said, who wouldn't enjoy some extra time off!
Our children begin standardised testing in my year group - P3, so it takes about a week to complete these.  The children also do end of year tests on class work - another week required.  I like to get these completed so I have results to hand when I am writing reports.  With the extra time off, it's been a bit of a squeeze to get it all done!  Throw into the mix Jubilee parties, Sports day etc etc - well you get the idea!
The reason for the extra time was of course 2 Bank Holidays for the Queens' Diamond Jubilee.  We had time owing from other parts of the year, so our Principal decided on a week off - I'm sure our parents were very happy!
So far, I've had a wonderful time!  The weather has been glorious!  On the last day before the holidays, we had one whole day to celebrate the Jubilee with lots of fun events and special food organised.  The children were allowed a day off from uniform and got to dress as Kings and Queens - they had a ball!
The Olympic torch passed through out small town at the weekend, so lots of exciting events and a special concert.  I've even been able to garden, as it hasn't been raining - lol!  Got to visit friends, ride the motorbike and enjoy pampering sessions at the local salon - I've been so fortunate.

A torch bearer at The Giant's Causeway, close by where I live.

Today I decided I should really stop procrastinating on reports and make a start, so I came to the computer and found myself creating .........Planet Posters!!  Why?  I really have no idea!  Did I get any reports written?  No! So please download if you find them useful.  (They will be free for a short time only). I promise to do some 'proper' work tomorrow!  On Saturday, my hubby and I will be participating in a sponsored walk for the local dog rescue kennels.  It will take place in an ancient forest which is not normally open to the public - so fingers crossed the lovely weather holds!  If you'd like to see my rescued 'fur babies', just have a wee look at my 'About Me' page - they are so precious!

The clipart is from ScrappinDoodles
Update:  The planets posters can now be found in my TpT store here.

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