I came across teaching blogs through Pinterest and what a revelation!  Through these teaching blogs I found Tpt and some amazing resources - what a creative bunch you are!
One of my earlier buys was a packet called 'All About Biographies' from The Teacher Wife:

The Teacher Wife

I wanted to create a memory book with my children and use it as a gift for their parents at the end of the year - I found the autobiography section was just the thing!
I was amazed at the writing this activity produced and so proud of the children for trying their best.  I changed some parts as we don't have first grade etc.
Each section was accompanied by photos, either brought in by the children or provided by me.  I haven't shown these to preserve anonymity but they added a lovely touch to their books and the children enjoyed seeing how they had changed!

After photocopying, I noticed the apostrophe and 's' were upside down. I decided to leave them as 6/7 year olds don't worry about these things!!

The 'clothes' are little cut-outs to stick on the body - so cute!

'Top 10 Life Moments' isn't included in the packet.  
This page is from another packet that I downloaded, but unfortunately I can't remember who the author is!

I added a section for autographs.  
The children got the teachers and their classmates to sign.  
They loved this!

A really worthwhile activity that now has a permanent spot on my planner!  
Thank you so much Lindsey at The Teacher Wife ☺

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