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Big Writing and Kung Fu Punctuation
Is anybody still doing this?

My dilemma is this: re: punctuation -  the kiddos I teach are just great at doing practice exercises and mostly understand what is being taught without too many problems.  
It's a pretty dry topic so I try very much to introduce fun activities, use the smartboard, create games etc and it all goes swimmingly well and I think whoop, whoop, they've got it!
Now, don't get me wrong, I think this is entirely normal for first graders, but I sooooo wish they could retain and apply what they have learnt to their independent writing!  It seems to get worse year after year and unless I am hounding them to remember to add punctuation, they just don't bother!  The children who are strongest in literacy will always give it a go, but the majority just don't seem to retain it in order to apply it in other contexts.  I've been thinking about this for a while now, as it also happens in the area of spelling and wondering what I can do to stop the slide - is it a concentration problem?  Is it that the mechanics of writing are just too boring to contemplate?!
Perhaps it is my fault?!  I introduced Kung Fu Punctuation a few years ago, the children loved it, but I didn't see any improvement in their writing, so I stopped it!  Perhaps I didn't give it enough time?  Perhaps I should have done more with the concept?  I just don't know.  So yes, I stopped it.......BUT.......I've been reading Ros Wilson's Big Writing teaching  method again and wondering if I should give it another try......

Quote from Wiki - for those who don't know the teaching method.

Big Writing is a teaching method, based in the UK which was developed by Ros Wilson. The aim of Big Writing is to advise schools on how to raise a child's attainment level in speaking, listening and writing. The method is currently used by numerous schools, primarily in the UK but also overseas. 
The target audiences for Big Writing are Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 students (i.e. those aged 5 to 11), although a slightly adjusted method is also taught that focuses on Foundation stage pupils and is known as 'Big Talk'. 
Big Writing has proved to be successful in a number of schools, both with teachers and pupils, as evidenced in several case studies.

She believes that there are four points that are key to improving anyone's writing: vocabularyconnectives, openers and punctuation which Ros shortened to V.C.O.P.

Just adding a wee video from the lady herself for more detail.

Our school took this on board in a big way a number of years ago, but I feel that most of us have let it go and are not as committed to it as we once were.  The approach needs to be consistent throughout the school.

Ros Wilson believes that if a child can say it, they can write it and the Kung Fu Punctuation moves arose from this - I think perhaps credited to Phil Beadle (although I stand to be corrected!)

Any UK followers will know what I'm talking about, the Aussies perhaps too.  However I would love to know if any US followers are aware of Ros Wilson and Big Writing.  Please, please leave me a comment with your opinion or any ideas to encourage my kiddos to apply their knowledge.

There aren't that many videos to be found on Kung Fu punctuation, so I'm leaving you with the best I could find!

It's a really cute way to learn!  So what do you think?  Should I reintroduce it?  Do you have any other ideas that might be a solution to my dilemma?  I would love to hear what you think!!

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