Just a quick note to say hello!  Sorry it's been a while! 
Nine weeks summer holidays are finally here, as of two weeks ago!  I've spent some time in school, clearing up and getting ready.  Although I hated thinking ahead to September, was sooo tired!  I found report writing a real slog this year - 18,000 words!  I'm too old for this!
Course completed - Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing - go me!
Watched the Irish Golf Open, staged in our wee town!  Spot the celebs - Bill Murray, Sean Connery, Justin Timberlake - all very exciting, no limos here, just helicopters!!
Have begun to restore order to my neglected home, a spot of internet shopping and lots of lie-ins!
Batteries are refuelling and I hope to post more soon.
Hope you are all well and enjoying much needed rest! ☺

Irish Golf Open 2012

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