A thank you....

I was overwhelmed this morning when I checked my email and read the TpT newsletter!  I still find it hard to fathom the wonderful welcome I have received at TpT! 

When I first discovered teacher blogs and TpT, I was amazed to have stumbled across a whole new world!  I spent many happy hours reading blogs and getting new ideas for my classroom, loved the fact that teacher resources - always with new and interesting ideas - were available to buy at the click of a button and I can't express how much I and my children have benefited from this.

Although I jumped in pretty quickly with a blog and a store, I was very nervous about this new venture and it took ages to pluck up the courage to post on the TpT forum.  How I wish I had done it sooner!

I'm constantly amazed at the kindness of people and have had so many lovely conversations.  I really want to thank everyone for welcoming me so warmly.  

Patti's giveaway has gained me many new followers and I thank her so much for allowing me to take part!  Also thanks to Mercedes I actually won some of her wonderful clip art!

I can't thank Paul enough for the special mention (my email has been pinging all day!) and feel very blessed that I have been allowed to become part of this community.  I still can't believe that this opportunity has presented itself and will do my very best to make sure all my teacher colleagues hear about TpT!

I absolutely itching to get back into school!  I have so much I want to share with my kiddos.  It's been an amazing summer, but I'm ready for 28 young minds to come marching through the door!  (Remind me at the end of September that I said this!)

I have been adding products to my store and will update soon!  It takes me so long to produce documents, because I get waylaid reading, commenting, buying......coupled with being probably the world's worst procrastinator!

Cheers from across the burning Atlantic!!

Question: Teacher or child??!  You can tell I have just read First Day Jitters - hehe!


  1. I love the picture! I don't want to go back yet! :)

  2. I must admit I'm ambivalent - I hate to say goodbye to the summer, the freedom, the lie-ins, but love the start of a new school year. Up to Christmas is my absolute favourite time, with so much to look forward to! I love the dark nights drawing in and the cold sharpness in the air! That said I'm a sentimental old fool and will be exhausted and wanting my holidays back after a couple of weeks of 28 hip clingers - hehe!

  3. Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

    I think we, as teachers, are lucky. Having our job start over each year is nice. If eel bad for people tat don't get that fresh start. I can remember years that would have been soon much harder if I didn't know an end was in sight. Right now I'm enjoying that beginning. Hopefully I wont be looking forward to that ending for a while.


    1. I totally agree Mercedes! Some years I don't want a fresh start when I adore my class, but other years I can hardly wait! I love the fact that every day brings something new. We might become exhausted but we are never bored!!
      I'm so gald you've had a good start! :)

  4. Hip Clingers! I love that - Hi Wendy, I found you on the TPT forum. Your blog is great! I teach first grade too, my kids speak French and I teach them English (in Quebec, Canada) So happy to have found you!

    1. Wow, Leslie - I bet that is so interesting! Glad to meet you too! I so love the adaptability of children. My first graders learn Spanish. It's all taught orally with games and songs - it's amazing how much they learn so quickly and with a perfect Spanish accent! They have no inhibitions, unlike us adults!
      I really appreciate you stopping by! :)

  5. You deserve every little bit of your TpT success! I wish you much, much more!

    I have to admit that I feel just like the cat in this picture! My kiddos arrive next Monday...all 120 of them! Here's to a great start of the year for all of us!

    1. Hi Peanut!
      How come so many? Do you teach different classes a specialism? Yikes, 120 names to learn - hehe!
      Thank you for the kind wishes - it's all down to Paul and the community really! It's happened so quickly and I hope my bubble doesn't burst, too soon anyway!
      I'm kinda worried how I'll manage when school starts, but I'll cross that bridge then! :)

    2. Hi, Wendy. I teach on a team of sixth grade teachers and we all teach four classes of one core subject plus one English class. I teach four reading classes and one English class. There are appx. 30 in a class times four gives me my 120 (I have one of the groups for both reading and English). I used to teach 150 a day when I taught five English classes, so this feels a little like a break! ;)

      It's a lot of kids, and I only see each group for appx. 40 minutes per day. I taught self-contained class for three years where I had the same group all day, and both have their pros and cons, I suppose.

      I hope you have a great start to your school year! I am worried how I will manage making new things at TpT when school starts, too, but like you, I will cross that bridge then as well! :)

  6. Wow, that sounds really interesting Peanut - I think I can see the pros and cons too! When I taught in London, we actually did team teaching with two classes and got to teach our specialisms. We had rotations through subjects and groups on a daily basis all week. It was great to change the students regularly and get to specialise in specific areas. However I must admit I enjoy being in one class with one set of children, as the relationships you form can be very meaningful. Plus I am old-fashioned and don't like change - lol!
    Our high school teachers teach the same way as you - with one specialism and one minor, but I think they complain that the lesson time is way too short.
    I start next Tues for in-service training and the kids arrive on Fri for a half day. When they go home we have a big conference to get us all up to date. We also get some of that time in our classrooms to prepare - I love that quiet time before it's buzzing with kids!
    Wishing you a fab start too. I foresee blogging and TpT taking a back step for a while until my class is established!

    Big smiles :)


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