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Thought I would add my schedule as it's probably a bit different due to the country.
We pretty much get to decide on the schedule as long as we include at least the minimum required for numeracy and literacy.  It's quite a short day and there's a lot to fit in!  I fiddle with it every year hoping to get a better balance. 
You will see there is no specific time for guided reading as we are expected to fit this in during the day whilst we are teaching!  This is especially difficult when you have no helpers in the classroom.  I have 28 first graders this year and always worry about the lack of time for guided reading.  However this year I have an autistic child and a helper for 12 hours per week, so I hope it won't be as stressful as it normally is.
We do 'connected learning', so the 'topic' plays a bit part.  My particular theme for the first half of the first term has a PDMU  emphasis.  This emphasis changes every half term.  PDMU: Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.  During this topic time every subject is touched on:  literacy, numeracy, science, etc.
L&L is Language and Literacy.  VCOP is Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation - this is all related to a teaching method called Big Writing which I mentioned in a previous post here. Although actual independent 'writing' is scheduled once per week, obviously the children write every day in some shape or form.
P3 is Primary Three which is the equivalent of First Grade.
We don't have a specific time for computers as they are on all the time and the children are expected to use them in some shape or form during the course of the day.  I only have 3.  One is connected to my Smart Board which I use a lot!  There is always some type of consolidation activity on this, related to what I am currently teaching.  The children access this on a rotational basis.  The Smart Board is set low down so they can reach it! Second PC is set up for ereaders and online assessment and the third PC is free for general classroom use - word processing, graphing etc.  Without helpers the children have to learn quite quickly how to logon independently.  All passwords are displayed by the PCs.  Larger schools have computer suites, but we are quite small!  The older children have areas with laptops, but the wee ones have to be a bit more patient!
Think that's it!  My big gripe is that the children go home at 2pm.  I think they are old enough to stay until 3pm!  That way I would have a better classroom schedule!  I moan about this endlessly every year - hehe!
A wee freebie for you!  I have been busy creating Classroom Label Sets which has been great fun!  I have my labels for the classroom sorted, but I had some fabulous background papers from Scrappin' Doodles and wanted to use them.
This is what I have done so far:

This can be downloaded here


                                       Available in my TpT store

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Wendy,
    I just read your blog and checked out your store, love it all! I am following both and glad to see that you are becoming so successful! I would love for you to check out my TpT store and blog if you are interested. My blog is One more thing, my husband and I visited Ireland two years ago, and loved it. We hope to go back with our children in the hopefully not too far future.

  2. Hi Erin,
    Thank you for your lovely comments - you are a sweetie! If you are travelling my way, you are most welcome to come and stay! We love having visitors from overseas, it's always so interesting! Open door here, so don't be afraid!!
    I'm off now to check out your blog and store, you should have a new follower any time soon!

    Wendy :)


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