Guest blogging and Brain Breaks!

Big apologies for being AWOL for a wee while!  Has been a bit manic with the start of school.  I am definitely not in the swing of things as it seems to be taking me sooooo long to tick things off my 'To Do' list!
I  managed to survive my first half day last Friday and had a wonderful morning with my students.  
You can read a wee bit more about it at 1...2...3...Teach with Me.  
(Sorry Tammy - I didn't quite get the timing right - hehe!)

I feel totally honoured to be guest blogging for Tammy at 1...2...3... Teach with Me.  As usual I never know when to stop, so apologies for the length of the post- I did edit and cut lots of things out!

I have been given an additional student, so now have 29 first graders - yikes!  My room is not big and there seems to be bodies everywhere!  They are a pretty mixed bunch and allowing them to sit where they wanted on that first day proved NOT to be a good idea - hehe!  We did have great fun though!
At the end of last year I had started to introduce brain breaks, but was not very consistent.  After one and a half days with this year's bunch, I just know they are going to be a very, very useful addition!  I found a wonderful list of brain breaks at Minds in Bloom. Thank you so much Rachel for putting this list together.

Has been lovely to see all my colleagues again and swap summer break stories!  Have been plugging TpT like want it to take off on this side of the pond!  Can't wait to get my first week behind me and get a glimpse of what the year holds!


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