A funny old week........!

Wow!  Can't tell you how tired I am!  Does anyone else out there feel the same?  I've heard some teachers talk about fall break - please explain!
My Mum got out of hospital yesterday - yay!  I'm so grateful she's made it through another 'episode'.  Let's hope the winter in uneventful!
We had a very strange Wednesday at school this week.  I arrived in the morning to find there was a major electrical fault that was affecting the school.  We had no heating, lighting, phones etc.  The fire alarm went off about 20 times - boy is that loud!  There was lots of 'things' peeping all day and weren't the children soooo not distracted - good as gold all day, I tell ya! NOT!  Nightmare!  Obviously no hot lunches, so the cook went out and bought loads of bread for sandwiches and we had picnics in our classrooms.   I struggled without my usual huge amount of tea, water just doesn't cut it! One small part of me thinks it was great fun, but I'm hoping it doesn't happen for at least another 10 years!  Calm was restored by the following day.
I wanted to share some photos with you.  I'm a little bit late with them, but they were so cute, I couldn't resist!  Our cross-curricular theme is 'Ourselves' and our year group work towards understanding their fears, expressing their feelings and thoughts etc.  Usually the students do a portrait which I hang in our 'Portrait Gallery', but I wanted to try something different this year.  I had been browsing Pinterest and came across a wonderful idea by Kelley Dollings from Teacher Idea Factory and thought I would try it out.  Was a wee bit worried about tearing skills, especially so early on in the year, but the children managed it really well - not half bad for a bunch of 6 year olds!

Aren't they really sweet?
Lastly, please check out this lovely linky idea 'You've Been Boo'd' by Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad - a great chance to find new blogs and new ideas!  Also a big thank you to Tori at Tori's Teacher Tips as I won her Spooktacular Halloween Pack in her giveaway - thank you so much, Tori!
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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