And the winner is........?

First blog post of October and I get to announce the winner of my Giveaway!  Congratulations Amanda!  Coincidentally I was also having a giveaway on facebook and Amanda won there too!  I'm sure she is now being inundated by downloads!  All wonderful contributors should have had contact from me.
I had so much fun doing the giveaway, although did get a bit worried setting it up!  Everyone was incredibly kind and thanks to all the wonderful donations the giveaway was very successful - so thanks so much again for participating - donors and participants alike.
Recently I have been digging through old files and found a load of number display resources.  I thought I should bundle them altogether and share, just in case they might be useful to someone.  Just click on the pic below to download.
I love finding new things for my classroom and sometimes realise that I don't know half of what is out there.....I have a partially sighted child in my class and was looking for resources to make life easier for him.  In my search I came across this:


I have to admit I had no idea that such things existed and wanted to share with you, just in case you had a similar need.  The keys are huge and chunky, with different colours, as you can see!  I love the fact that it is lower case and the vowels are different colours - this is beginning to sound like a review - it isn't!  I was just so excited to come across this and my little partially sighted child was so happy about it!
Wishing everyone a wonderful October - loving the dark, crisp nights already!
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