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Linking up with Tammy at 1...2...3...Teach With Me for this month's Book of the Month Blog Hop. Just click on the picture below to check out Tammy's post.

Our cross-curricular theme is planned for approximately 6 weeks and will probably last until the Halloween Holidays. 

Entitled ‘Ourselves’, the theme emphasises Personal Development and Mutual Understanding. The children are encouraged to express their fears and emotions – hence the choice of book! This is the children’s first novel study – short, sweet chapters that lend themselves to some great discussions and link perfectly with the objectives of our theme. 

I also have the book on CD – which is great when I want a wee break from reading aloud! 

We have a matching activity book which includes light and dark activities, comprehension, living, non/living sort, drawing, dot-dot, night animals and so on. We also make wonderful tissue paper owls for our bulletin board. The book also fits well with the current season. (I will update with a photo of our cute owls!) 

The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark is a children's book by Jill Tomlinson. It was first published in 1968, with a 2001 abridged edition illustrated by Paul Howard.

The story is about a young barn owl called Plop, who is frightened of the dark. The plot is divided into seven short chapters, each covering a night during which Plop learns something new about the dark: dark is exciting, dark is kind, dark is fun, dark is necessary, dark is fascinating, dark is wonderful and dark is beautiful. Plop is gradually persuaded that the dark has its advantages.

Plop decides that "Dark is nasty", so he won't go hunting with his parents. Mrs. Barn Owl sends him down from his nest-hole to ask about the dark and he meets a little boy waiting for the fireworks to begin, an old lady, a scout (out camping), a girl who tells him about Father Christmas, a man with a telescope, and a black cat who takes him exploring. He realizes that through these encounters that dark is super after all.

This just has to be one of my favourite books ever!  I hope you get a chance to check it out.


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