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Just a short post this evening!  We have been very busy at school practising for our Harvest Service.  We have split the littlies from the bigger children and are presenting two shows for our parents.  The infants are made up of pre-kinder, kinder and my first graders.  Lots of songs, actions and readings to entertain the parents!  But also a great deal to learn - they always pull it off though, because they look and sound so cute! I will be glad when the practising is over, as my guided reading is suffering!
We have had a huge craft week, which has been great fun!  To link to our novel - 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark', we have been exploring nocturnal animals and created some fabulous bats and hedgehogs.  These were very useful to complete our 'Autumn Colors' Bulletin Board which is currently full of lovely leaf rubbings and a Harvest Acrostic poem.  Of course, I have forgotten to take photos, but will get that sorted next week and update this post.  I will also add the templates for our lovely creatures, just in case you might be able to use them too.
Our bats are clothes pin bats which are look fab clipped around the room!  Our pasta hedgehogs have a clever little pinwheel for feet and look so cute!  I haven't decided yet what form the owls will take, but they will be residing in a painted tree on another bulletin board, along with a storyboard entitled 'The Night Hunter' - this is a sequencing activity. We completed the leaf rubbings and Harvest Acrostic the week before and have been doing a bit of a mash up on our bulletin boards, as we don't have many in the room to use.
I have been doing the clothes pin bat for years and it never fails to engage the children.  I had forgotten where the original idea came from, so wasn't going to add any pics, however I coincidently came across the site a few days ago, when looking for something else, so can now give credit where credit's due!  The original source is Enchanted Learning.  I will add more pics next week, to show the finished results.  I only added googly eyes, but you can of course add fangs etc if you are doing Halloween.  I can't, as we are not allowed.  The children's cutting skills are impressive, although the lining up of the parts is a bit off!  The children did this activity entirely independently, so I was chuffed at how they turned out!

The hedgehog is my prototype and at this stage I hadn't gathered the materials together.  I had intended to be fully prepared, but we had some unexpected spare time, so decided to go for it!  We did encounter some problems though!  I had no brown card, so the children had to paint first!  I had given all my wool away, but managed to get my hands on some pipe cleaners and pasta - unfortunately the pasta had a slight curl to it!  I did bring in some spaghetti the next day for those who hadn't completely finished.  The children thought they were incredibly cute despite their curled spines!  I would probably finish the hedgehog off with a coat of PVA glue for a serious shine!

I hope you like our little cuties!  I will update with finished boards and templates.


  1. So cute! Love it!

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    1. Ooh - now that's an offer! May take you up on it - thank you so much! :)


  4. Just found your blog and I love it! I am your newest follower. I read your about tab, and like you I have found that creating
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  7. Hi Barb,

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