Miracle Update

Hi everyone!

Got to get the personal stuff out of the way first!  February and March are full of celebrations for our family and I'm looking forward to some fun after the restrictions of the last few weeks!

My niece had a baby boy a couple of days ago - a long awaited addition to the family and I am soooo pleased for her - I can't wait to meet him!

My in-laws celebrate 60 years of marriage in March - how totally amazing is that?  I love them so dearly and they cope really well with what life throws at them.  The last couple of years have been quite hard, but they are so stoical and never complain!

It is our wedding anniversary on Feb 28th - we will have been married for 9 years already and the man has the patience of a saint, bless him!  As many of you know, we got married in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We were hoping to go back there for the weekend, but unfortunately, due to circumstances, it just isn't possible.   

Please indulge me the pleasure of posting a picture which sums him up!

Yes, I am having a giveaway - woohoo!  You can see it is my birthday soon and I thought a wee celebration might be in order.  So please check back on March 1st to see what you could win and enter the competition - should be lots of fun!  The giveaway will finish on my birthday!

Now with the trivial stuff over, I have an important update for you about a very special little girl called Miracle.  Samantha over at Ms Smarty Pants has been working her socks off to raise money for the family of this brave and beautiful little girl.  Check out Samantha's update and perhaps you will consider donating when you read her post.  Samantha is home from hospital and doing well, although she does have to attend for further treatments.

Sneaky teaser coming your way................
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