Sunday SUPER Sale!

Good morning everyone!

It's been raining for nine YEARS (!) here, but finally a weak sun has ventured out to greet us this morning - yay!  I'm sure it'll last all of nine seconds, but it's here!  Makes me feel all spring-like!  The wind has done lots of damage, but all minor and I've lost my internet connection a zillion times, but all is good!  (You can tell I'm prone to a bit of melodrama!!)

Speaking of which........Sunday SUPER Sale!!!  So excited for the sale tomorrow!  I also want to let you know that I'll be continuing the sale into the next day - have never been able to work out the effects of the time difference.  So, 28% discount on Sunday and 20% discount on Monday - how cool is that!  I have LOADS of stuff on my wishlist and can't wait to get shopping - I hope you feel the same!  I wanted to promote my big Valentine Literacy and Math pack, but it's not finished yet - insert sickly smile here :(  I've got a bit behind....feels like I'll be turning into a pumpkin at 12 midnight!!  I will try my best to get it finished in time for the sale and update this post.  

Also wanted to remind you of our super blog hop where you can stock up on lots of fab freebies! Just click on the pic and follow the links.  Have fun!

PS A couple of giveaways to keep you busy with loads of fantastic products to win!  Just click on the pics!

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