Hi everyone!

This evening's post is to announce the birthday giveaway winners.  I will be contacting the two winners very shortly, as soon as I have all the files zipped up and ready for sending.

Everybody guessed the puzzles correctly: strand and novel.  Most of the guesses for my age were close, but nobody got it spot on!  I especially appreciated the guess of 29 - oh, how I wish!  For those interested, I was actually........21, plus just a little bit!  

FIRST PRIZE:  Entrant Number 1 was Cecilia, with a guess of 50 for my age - very close, but not quite!

First:  Cecilia

SECOND PRIZE:  Entrant Number 11 was Angie, also with a guess of 50 for my age!

Second: Angie
Huge congratulations Cecilia and Angie!  I will be in touch over the weekend, as you also have some choosing to do!

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to join in the fun!  You all sent such sweet wishes and made my birthday feel very special!

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