Peek at the Week and QR Codes!

Sunday Peek at the Week - my third one and I still haven't managed to post on a Sunday!!

Lots to share with you this week - the blogging world is so busy!  

If you're a pinner, I'd like to introduce you to two new collaborative boards.  Up to this point, I've joined loads, but I've never actually created one of my own.  Well, time to jump on that bandwagon and give it a go!  Most of the collaborative boards I pin to are all about TpT products - there are so many out there, I really didn't think I needed to add to it, so I decided to go with something I enjoy.  I'm always looking for new and interesting ideas to display children's work.  (Bulletin boards really should be interactive - but that a whole other story!).  We can all get stuck in our ways and I was really looking for some inspiration.  I've even found some controversial displays!  Just click on the pic below to go to the board.  I would love it if you would consider sharing your pics and ideas - just leave me a message at the usual places and I will add you.

Pardon the pun, but this first one may give you some food for thought! 'Take away words' - this board caused quite a stir on facebook - opinions??

The second board belongs to my lovely friend, Cynthia.  She's mad keen on photos from the classroom and wants to see students and teachers in action, as well as those all important TpT products!  Just click on the link below to check out her board.

Which leads me nicely onto products in action!  There are two great product swaps going on at the moment and well worth checking out - it's great to read the reviews of TpT products and see them in the classroom, tried and tested.  Just click on the pics below to check them out.

The second swap can be found on my lovely friend, Samantha's (aka Ms Smarty Pants) blog.  Lots of blog-hopping and reading to keep you entertained!

This seems to be the season for giveaways - they are all over my facebook newsfeed!  So many fabulous things to be won!  I'm leaving you with just two for now!  My lovely friend Martha has hit a fab milestone on her newish blog and wanted to celebrate - just click on the pic below.

The second one is mine!  Just a reminder that my little mini-giveaway finishes soon.  Thank you all so much for joining in the fun and leaving your sweet comments - you are all so kind!

Do QR Codes mean anything to you?  I'm seeing more and more products on TpT using QR codes - don't students today have so much more fun in the classroom?!  I know what the codes are, but really wanted to know why they are a useful as a teaching tool - what's the point of them?  I'm no spring chicken, but do like to keep up with technology - I don't want to have that blank look (which often happens!) when a young coworker uses an 'on trend' term and I'm still thinking 'I miss my chalk board'!  So... 'google it' (my 'professional development' when I'm stuck at home!).  I found an interesting article that might help make things a bit clearer.

This article was written by Andrew Miller, an education consultant from  I've picked out just a few for you.....

Make Your Classroom Greener
Save a few trees! Instead of making more printouts than everyone needs, give your students a QR that takes them to the instructions, announcement or assignment. It can save you space on your wall, and keep your classroom greener.

Incentivize and Praise
Award prizes by having students scan a code leading to an animation or badge. When they pass a test on commas, perhaps they get a code that takes them to a badge for Comma Guru! Students can even create their own codes to award each other. When a student sees something great happen, they can give a code that links to messages such as "Good Job from Andrew" and "Thanks for doing your part for the team."

Make Learning Stations
Put codes in different areas of the room that will take students to different online activities, videos or content. Using a great tool like the discussion protocol of reciprocal teaching or a graphic organizer will help facilitate their interaction with the linked content.

Check Answers and Reflect
Have students check their answers by scanning the QR code after completing a test or assignment. As a teacher, you can visually confirm when students are checking their work and can also check in to see how they are doing. This will help track individual learning and can provide an opportunity for you to facilitate student reflection.

Provide Extension Assignments
A great way to provide optional activities for students who want to excel is to simply put the code on the class assignment and let them follow it to the extension activity or question. It won't take up much space, and might facilitate a little excitement about the extension assignment.

Compile Research
Have students create codes linking to items discovered during research. These could be posted in class wikis on a specific topic, or on a wall in the classroom. It helps give them ownership of the research process and literally creates "walls that talk."

Differentiate Instruction
Perhaps you have a poem for students to analyze. You can provide additional scaffolding with a link to a recitation or focused questions to get them started. Use the QR to help you manage differentiation of the various strategies in your tool belt of teacher practices.

QR codes can be a great voting tool allowing students to vote by simply scanning the code as they enter or exit the classroom. This can save time, and it gets your students up and moving.

QR codes are a great arsenal for the teacher tool belt. Just remember, this technology is a tool and needs to fit a purpose. It can help create engagement in a lesson, manage your classroom, be part of student work or facilitate inquiry in a project.

I couldn't leave it there without actually creating a code myself, so scan with your iphone/ipod/ipad and see my message.....QR codes definitely get a big 'like' from me!  Hopefully when I get my 'zillion' ongoing products finished I can turn my head to creating a QR filled product!  If you don't have a scan app already - here's the link to a free one:  SCAN

Lastly, brain breaks have been on my mind and I threw out a question on my facebook page for people's favourites.  The lovely Jenny left me this link:  (hilarious!)

Hope you danced along!!


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