Teachers Care for Oklahoma Store Sale

I'm giving my Peek at the Week post a miss this week and dedicating my time and energies to the Oklahoma fundraiser.  You can read the details from my previous post on this here.

It feels a bit strange knowing I am so far away, but my heart goes out to the Moore community and the teachers that have such a huge task ahead of them.  Like so many of you, I wanted to be able to help in some small way.  I got myself a great K-2 bundle from TpT and bought the TN bundle, which is fabulous too - I'm still downloading that one!!

A small group of sellers got together to pledge their store profits from sales made on Memorial Day.  I have put my entire store on sale (10%) to help encourage you in.  I know a lot of teachers are winding down for the year, but you might just pick up something for the new school year to come.  I would love it if you would pay my store a visit and have a browse.  I would be amazing to be able to donate that little bit more, with your help, if I can.  Thank you so much for your support.  Just click on the pic below to go to my store.


Teachers Care For Oklahoma

Since this awful tragedy in Oklahoma, I am once again reminded of the caring and compassionate community I am so blessed to be part of.  

As soon as the news broke, teachers from all over the world began discussing a way to raise funds to help the teachers in Moore, OK who have lost all of their resources (and classrooms). Within a few hours, this fundraising effort was aptly named 'Teachers Care for Oklahoma'. A plan was soon put into action,  people worked tirelessly behind the scenes and today the fundraiser is under way !  'Teachers Care for Oklahoma' is already raising much needed funds to help the teachers in Moore.

My wonderful friend Danielle, from Crayonbox Learning, has helped oversee this project and has worked tirelessly, along with admin at TpT (and other generous souls) to get the project up and running as quickly as possible.  Click on Danielle's button to see her post - please take the time to read the details, then follow the links to go to TpT and check out those amazing bundles!    Please show your support, if you are able.

There are 4 packs to choose from for a donation of $25.00.  
This offer is for a limited time only.


As everything happened at the speed of light, sadly I missed the cut-off point for the donations.  For everything to be uploaded to TpT, there had to be a size limit and donations had to be closed.  There were loads of teachers who still wanted to help in any way they could.  We will all be blogging, facebooking and tweeting, but there was also another plan of action!!  On May 27th, Memorial Day, a group of TpT sellers will be donating 100% of their profits from their stores to the fund-raising effort.  My store will be part of this effort - all products will be discounted by 10%.  Just click on the pic below to go to my store.  TpT admin has kindly agreed to change the store banner for that day.

Below, you will find a linky of other sellers participating in this fund-raising effort.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  I hope you will consider either buying a bundle or buying  an item from the participating stores.


Peek at the Week

This is the second week in a row that I've managed to post my Peek at the Week – ‘A’ for improvement!
Well, what’s been happening this week?
I've been having some troubles with my laptop and decided I would try to fix these problems myself – given that I'm a PC technical whizz etc!!  I have two internal hard drives and these were both almost full and had been glaring RED at me for weeks.  For any IT specialists, I advise that you skip this section – bahaha!
I removed every program that had lain redundant for 6 months to clear up some space. (Of course, I needed one of said programs today and had to re-download and re-install!)
I utilized 2 external hard drives and a dinky 32GB pen drive and removed all my pictures and documents to these fabulous portable devices.  I kept checking what was taking up most storage space and realised it was loads of folders called ‘Program Files’.  Patting myself on the back for cleverly working out what was taking up my storage, I swiftly removed everything to my pen drive and deleted all the folders – UH - OH!  I was so pleased to see both internal drives showing green and thought whoohoo – everything’s so much faster now!  I closed down, happy in the knowledge that I had solved a problem – hahahahahahah!  Later that day.......why won’t this load?  Honey, why won’t this program load?  Luckily (after much panicking!) I realised what I had done wrong and was able to retrieve what I needed from the trash! (For some reason it wouldn't work when I tried to use what I had transferred to the pen drive). I hope I am not the only person who would do something this stupid!
I also decided it was important to look inside my laptop, as it seemed the fan was struggling and making funny noises.  This is also not recommended if you have sausage fingers like me – thirty tiny screws later and lots of %$$^$%^&%$&^%$&^, I almost got the lid off, only to find it was still attached by wiring!!  Back to finding the TINY screws and putting them all back in – well, that was a fun hour I will never get back!  The moral of the story is ring someone who knows and get them to do it!!  Back to square one......
I haven’t created anything new for TpT this week, as I really needed to go back to my earliest creations and check them - *RED FACE* -  at the time I did not know how clever PPT was and was using Word and Publisher to create and then using an AWFUL free program to save everything in PDF format.  Unbeknownst to me, the formatting of my wonderful creations was mucked up and I hadn't checked!  *HANGS HEAD IN SHAME*  I am so glad those kindly souls did not mark me down at the time.  If you have bought any of the following from me, please go back and re-download, with my sincere apologies!

Speaking of Powerpoint, I thought you might find the following mini tutorial useful.  I am totally addicted to clip art and often find myself buying it because it looks cute, not because I need it.  I have tons of papers and when buying I have been guilty of not reading the relevant information.  Like me, I am sure you have loads of papers in ‘scrapbook’ size, i.e. square, instead of ‘letter’ size (8.5” x 11”) for your TpT creations.  Mostly this is not a huge problem, as the papers can be easily resized.  However if your paper has an object on it or something circular, of course it looks totally out of shape.  Many of my papers have lain redundant because I didn't know what to do to solve the problem – perhaps I was absent for POLKA DOTS 101 and everybody else knows, but just in case, I thought I would share with you what I found out.  The following is pic heavy – be warned!
Pic 1: So, you've inserted your paper and realise you need to resize.

Pic 2: ......and this happens!  Wonky polka dots!  Remove your paper and start with a clear slide.
The solution (in most case) lies below!

Pic 3: .....Go to 'insert', 'shapes' and 'rectangle'

 Pic 4: .....and draw yourself a snazzy rectangle.

Pic 5: .....click on 'format'.....

Pic 6: .....select 'no outline' and you will have this:

Pic 7: .....you won't see that there is no outline immediately as we still have to deal with the 'fill' problem.  Make sure the slide is selected, click on 'format', 'shape fill' scroll down to 'picture'.

Pic 8: .....find your file and insert the paper you wish to use.

Pic 9:  You can see in the pic below, it now looks like it did originally - out of shape, but remember we have encased the paper in a shape, so we can format it.  Right click on the paper, scroll down to 'format picture'.

Pic 10:  Select 'fill'.

 Pic 11: Check the box 'tile this picture as texture' and you will see your paper change shape!

Pic 12:  Ta-da!  Now your paper looks as it should and it is the correct size for your document - magic!  Although this takes some time to read through, formatting your paper is done in a matter of seconds, once you get the hang of it!

I would love to know if this mini tutorial has helped you or was I the only person left in the dark?!!
My lovely friend, Samantha over at Ms. Smarty Pants is having a giveaway - there is a $50 TpT certificate up for grabs! Just click on the pic below to check out her blog post.
Lastly, a little freebie.  While I was giving myself a mini break, I was playing around with some BRIGHT papers!  Just right click and save as:

Leaving you with best wishes for the week ahead!

Peek at the Week!

Well, finally, after all these weeks, I manage to get my Sunday Peek at the Week posted on Sunday!!

Starting off with some great news - remember our Teacher Appreciation giveaway?  Well, we have winners!  I hope you all had fun taking part and felt truly appreciated! We don't have a Teacher Appreciation Week here, so I can only imagine what it's like!  Anyway, to the winners.....

Huge congratulations to the winners - emails should be on their way!  Thanks to everyone for taking part and joining in the fun!  Did you notice the number of entries? - all the ones!  Thanks to everyone for all your lovely comments!

I hope you all had fun at the TpT sale.  I must admit I have a serious addiction to clip art and bought a ton!  I have yet to work out what to do with some of them - I bought them because they were cute - haha!  (You can tell I'm not a business woman!)

I have been trying hard to make better use of my time and have managed to create some new products that you might be interested in.  The first one is really intended for some end of year fun - just click on first pic to investigate!

An example of one of the board games!
The next had me pulling my hair out!  It took me ages to try and create 6 word sentences to include all the Dolch First Grade Sight Vocabulary - some of the sentences were quite strange to begin with - I lost count of how many drafts I went through - I'm sure my first graders could have made a better fist of it!  However I got there in the end and was very satisfied with how the pack turned out. There is a matching workbook for writing out the sentences once the flashcards have been sorted into the correct order. Just click on the first pic to investigate.

Thinking ahead to the next school year, I've been working hard on Room Themes and am happy to report I have my second theme finished and posted on TpT.  I really enjoyed the clip art I used on this one - very cute!  My Room Themes include editable files and I have a load of ideas for more!  Looking forward to a busy summer!  Just click on the pic.

My dear friend Cyndie is having a giveaway on her blog.  She has 3 wonderful prizes on offer to celebrate a blogging milestone.  Just click on her button to check out it out.

I particularly like this prize!
A couple of little freebies for you! I started creating fonts ages ago, but have yet to finish off a bundle.  I did manage to get one finished and uploaded on TpT - you may want to add it to your stash!  Just click on the pic to download it from TpT.

...and a couple of papers for you, just right click and save as....

So, I think that's my round up of the previous week.  Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.  I'm sure bodies and brains are quite exhausted my now, so I'm leaving you with a burst of energy and fun!  Enjoy!

Thanks to Christi at Mrs. Fultz's Corner for the cute blinky!


Teacher Appreciation Sale!

I hope you all had a fun time on our Teacher Appreciation blog hop yesterday!  Let me tell you - we were pretty excited too!  I hope you enjoyed all the freebies you grabbed on the way and entered the rafflecopter for a chance to win one of the wonderful prizes on offer!

This evening I wanted to remind you of the Teacher Appreciation Sale taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  I've already transferred my wishlist to my cart - what about you?!  All items in my store will be 20% off and with TpT's discount, that makes a total of 28% savings - wow!

I wanted to let you know about a special offer I am trying out at my TpT store for this sale.

I have selected some items that you might find of interest below.
 Just click on the pics to investigate further.

Some of the poster sets are my best selling items!

This is a selection of some of my newest items, 
larger units and bundled packs.  
My newest and biggest Room Theme is included!

This is just a small sample of my clip art collection 
(one of which was featured in Sunday's TpT Newsletter 
(go me - lol!), 
plus two of my very best sellers!

Don't forget to check out my selection of FREEBIES - you never know what you might find!

Now what are you waiting for? Go enjoy the big sale and treat yourself - don't forget the Promo Code TAD13!

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