Oklahoma Fundraiser and a freebie!

Oh, dear!  It's been a funny old week (add to that month and year) - mini-moan over! 
To balance this out - Van Morrison?!!  Saturday concert here I come!  Here's the man (and the castle) himself.  Not quite the pin-up, but let's face it, who is?!  At least he knows how to create fabulous music!!

Ok, my Sunday Peek of the Week has not been very successful! - mostly because I am not disciplined enough, but I'm realising it can be hard to commit to a regular thing!  I keep forgetting to take notes of all the things I want to talk about, then my memory lets me down - any excuse!!  With the summer break almost upon us, I am going to post when I have something to say - that way I can't go wrong!
I wanted to bring you some Fundraiser updates, as the outpouring of generosity from sellers on TpT has been amazing!!

Dani, from Crayonbox Learning posted with a final update when the fundraiser closed:

I am writing this to you with a huge smile on my face, and a thumpity-thump in my heart.  To each of you who wrote emails, Blogged, Tweeted, Pinned, posted notes on Facebook, donated products, purchased bundles, and rooted us on....  WE DID IT!!!  

As of 6/4/13 the final tally for the Teachers Care for Oklahoma is as follows:

Combined total for all 4 bundles:  1583 x $25.00 = $39,575

Yes!!! You are reading that correctly $39,575 !!!

WOW!!!   What an AMAZING show of support for our friends in Moore, Oklahoma!!

How special is that?!  The K-2 Bundle I got from TpT sellers was amazing and I can't wait to use many of the products in my classroom - it will take some time to read through them!  I also shouldn't forget the amazing effort by Teacher's Notebook - I am still downloading those products - hundreds of them!  I believe they raised $90,000 plus!

The second fundraiser on TpT, as you will know, was a bunch of sellers who got together to donate 100% of their store profits made on Memorial Day.  As it was a holiday, I had a small panic that people would not be buying, but there was a last race in the final hours and I am happy to report I can make a donation!  A special thank you to some very special people on the forums - you know who you are *insert winky smiley* - who helped make this possible by buying some of my products!  You are very kind and generous people! The final total on this was $2,184! My donation will be going to the Red Cross.

Lastly, a little freebie for you.  Just click on the pic to collect it at my store.  Hope you like them!


  1. Thanks to you and the other amazing TPT sellers AND to those who purchased products to help out those in Moore. It's heart warming to see how ready teachers are to assist other teachers. That's just the kind of people we are. :-)

    Jill in Oklahoma

    1. Totally agree, Jill! It was amazing how everyone came together! It would be nice to hear some follow up, so we know that our efforts are helping a little. It's sad how quickly we move on and forget.....

  2. I did not hear about the fund raiser for K-2 but I did participate in the TN one. I am so happy that by donating a few products that I was able to help in a big way.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. Indeed, Misty - it takes so little effort to help, but can make a big difference to others. The TN pack was amazing - I'm still checking out the products! Thank YOU for donating! :)


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