A Catch Up!

What a crazy week it's been!  My darling Blue went head to head with his first thunderstorm - the outcome was not pleasant - poor baby!  He seems to intuitively know which is our nicest and most expensive carpet......!  Ireland and the UK have been treated to the most amazing heatwave for the last couple of weeks, broken up by the wildest, long-lasting thunderstorms and flooding -SCARY MARY!  Of course, we are not equipped for this, have no air conditioning and the tarmac is melting!  My friend Cyndie from Chalk One Up for the Teacher (who lives in Vegas) wants to come over here to cool down - lol!  We're all melting in the 95 degree heat - haha!

This week has also been crazy for other reasons - you may have noticed that a group of blogging friends has launched a new collaborative blog (and facebook page).  The Teaching Tribune spans the continents and combines many years of teaching experience.  We are 20 bloggers in total and have planned a new topic every month to hopefully bring you new ideas for your classroom.  We especially want to help new teachers just starting out in this amazing profession.  We have brought you some tips this month for classroom organization, short and sweet, as we wanted to introduce ourselves too!  In August we will be looking at classroom organization in more detail.
The blog launch has been amazing!  I hope you all did the hop on the first day, grabbed your freebies and QR codes, got the cash total and have been entering it every day in the new rafflecopter?!  In total, we had 10 prizes to give away (plus a bonus prize from our guest blogger, Julia Thompson, author of The First Year Teacher's Survival Guide).  The pic below shows which prizes have been won so far and what's still left! We still have 4 days to run, so don't forget to enter that total every day for one of the remaining fabulous prizes!
Today's tipsters are Merinda from Pirate Girl's Education Invasion and Randi from Teaches Third in Georgia - be sure to stop by and say hi!  Here they are holding their own little blog buttons - how cute!
I have been so fortunate to meet this wonderful bunch of ladies - we have become close 'virtual' friends.  I am sure that one day we will meet up in 'real' life - I am squirrelling away my TpT money to try and make it happen!  I feel very blessed!  

I also have to say a special thanks to Mel from Graphics from the Pond and Christi from Design by Christi for the huge amount of work they have put into the graphics and design of our fabulous new blog - it just wouldn't have happened without them!
My mind is beginning to turn to school and I know many of you start back next week.  I'm seeing pics of amazing classrooms popping up all over the place!  I'm itching to get into my classroom, but it will be closed for the rest of the summer break until we return in September....
Hahahaha!  Couldn't resist!!  Guess which one is me?!!  I shall know on August 27th (sooo late!), whether I will be able to go back this year.  Keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed for me that I get good news!
Anyhoo - that's it for today - go show my friends some blog loving!


  1. Hey, Wendy! Thanks for the shout out! It actually cooled here a little bit today. We had t-storms, a lot of lightning and a few raindrops.

  2. We are STILL having thunderstorms!! It's been a week now, but the rain is needed. Hoping the sunny weather is back for when my hubs is on holiday!


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