Happy Days!

I love the fact that I can end the month of August on such a positive note!  I am feeling super blessed right now!  Sometimes it's just too easy to lose sight of all the wonderful things in your life!  August has been the most amazing month for me personally and I am so thankful.

Not only was I featured in the TpT Newsletter (WOW!), bought a new (old) car (WOW x 2), but the biggest and best news of all is that I have finally been passed fit for a return to school!!!!!!!!!!!  After 7 very long months, it has been decided that I can finally return!  My Principal has agreed a 4 day week, so I get to take a small step back.  (Ideally I would like to resign my leadership post, but I think that will be for another time.....)  My treatment continues to go well, without any major problems and I go to hospital at the end of September to check if it's working.  The doctor reported I have a 'reasonable range' of movement (my other little medical problem!) and was happy for me to return with some small conditions.

I already have my first week behind me.  PD and meetings for most of the week, then the kiddos arrived on Friday and what a mixed bunch they are!!  The class has had some leavers, so we're down to 28 - yay!!  I have a student with high-functioning Aspergers, one with Autism and two with ADHD - sadly all boys!  I have a large low ability group (10 students) who are withdrawn daily for reading intervention.  Other than that, they are a lively bunch - after such a long time at home, the noise was a huge assault on my ears!  Lol! 
Unfortunately this class has a terrible reputation, so the next few weeks should be pretty challenging. I think if I get can get through this, I can get through anything!!  I am so happy to be back and pray that everything goes well.

Below is a list of some of some things I will be putting to good use next week:

Writing Checklist (Free)
Reading Stamina (Free)
Back To School With QR Codes (Free)
All About Me (Paid)
Writing Prompts Year Book (Paid)
Speedy Work Desk Mat Motivator (Paid)
First Day Jitters ~ Book Activity And Printables Unit For Back To School (Paid)

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