Our Final Day!

I can hardly believe it's August already - the last 10 days have just flown by!  Thank you to everyone who participated in our Back to School mega hop - it really was such fun!  I hope the freebies will be of use to you as you begin planning for your return.

In case you missed out on the event, I'm just popping my freebie up again for those who may happen by. Just click on the pic below to grab a set of task cards to use with newspapers.

Our final prize for the this event is a fabulous Google Nexus Tablet, plus a case and stylus pen.  Don't forget to enter you total in this last rafflecopter - you never know your luck - it just might be you!!

Just click on the pic below to go to the rafflecopter to enter one last time!

Lastly, just in case you haven't seen them on TpT:  

"TpT sellers have been busy this summer! Implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a priority for many teachers. To help you get started or add to your CCSS resources, we have created a collaborative eBook: “A Bundle of Tips and Common Core State Standards Resources from TpT Authors.”
This particular file is for teachers in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Each page is packed with tips to help you incorporate the Common Core standards into your classrooms. Be sure to look for the link to a free item on each page". (Deanna Jump)

I was very fortunate to be featured in the one above and know that it is packed full of resources!  If you click on the pic above, it will take you directly to Deanna Jump's store to download.  (Deanna hosted the K-2 ELA).

Below is a list of links to the other fabulous ebooks:

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