Let's Celebrate!!! {50% reduction for 24 hours on seasonal packs!}

Hey everyone!  
Just a quickie post this evening to let you  know I have reduced all my Halloween and Fall products by 50%.  Feels like an 'end of season' sale - lol!  They will be reduced by 50% for 24 hours!  I hope you find something useful - happy shopping!  
The links are embedded in the pics, so just click the pics to be taken to the product in my TpT store.


Trick or Treat Blog Hop!

Trick or treat! This is Samantha from Ms. Smarty Pants

taking over this blog today as my trick, but keep reading to get your treat!

Several bloggers at {The Teaching Tribune} have joined together for this Trick or Treat Blog Hop. You will find more tricks as well as plenty of treats as you hop from door to door.

Behind this door you will find my newest treat! Just click on the picture to download or click here. Be sure to follow my TPT store while you are there! 

Now it's time to go "next door" to discover the next trickster and collect another treat. 

Click on the picture below to take you there!

I hope you enjoy trick-or-treating this weekend!

Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter on The Teaching Tribune, to win a fabulous prize!  Just in case you get lost on the way, I have included a direct link to TTT below.


Bundles to Support Breast Cancer Research

Just wanted to share a quick, but important post with you today - a wonderful opportunity to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Teacher author, Lindsay Perro, has put together some amazing bundles of resources donated from fellow teachers.
Just click on the pic below to check out the TpT store set up especially to support this cause.

I have included links below if you wish to go straight to the bundle you are interested in:

These bundles are great value for money and you know your $ are going to support an important and worthy cause. Thanks so much for checking out the store.


Flash Sale and a Giveaway!

I'm in need of something to cheer me up and what better way that having a giveaway!  I am giving away all my Fall and Halloween products to one lucky winner!  It will run for a week and I would love it if you felt able to share or pin it!  Thank you, my lovely friends!!  Here's what you could win:

Remember too, there is a flash sale going on in just about every TpT store right now!  Congratulations to TpT for passing 100K fans on facebook - how amazing is that?!   To celebrate they have given us a promo code to get 10% off the entire TpT site.  I have also thrown in an extra 10% off all my products, so go fill up your cart!!  

Click on the pic above to go to my store!

Have fun! 


Personal Share.....

It's taken me a while to get back onto my blog - I'm so sorry!

A couple of weeks ago my in-laws had planned a weekend visit - a little getaway to the seaside from their city surroundings.  The night before they were due to stay, we received a phone call to say my darling mother-in-law, Kathleen, was poorly and had been taken to hospital.  For 9 days we visited the hospital. She finally slipped into a coma and passed away, with all her adoring family by her side.

Kate was the most gentle, kind and generous lady - it was an honour to know and love her.  Married to her darling Louis for almost 61 years - they were the stereotypical teenage sweethearts - together for a grand total of 67 years - how amazing is that!  Her family was so precious to her - 6 children, 15 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren!!  My hubs had a wonderfully close relationship with his Mum and can hardly comprehend that she is no longer with us.  Louis, of course, is bereft without his sweetheart - we can only support him and the rest of the family.  I just had to share a photo of this wonderful lady and say one last time - we love and miss you - your precious spirit will live on in our memories - goodnight Kate.

Thank you for allowing me to share.

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