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Well, I admit it, I boobed!  I, like many, become so wrapped up in my own little teaching world, that I sometimes forget to check what the rest of the world is doing!  Only after many hours of work and finally uploading my latest big project, did I find out that there probably wasn't much of a market for it!  Having said that, I enjoyed every minute of creating it and I'm glad it's out there!  Not long after posting it, I sold a couple, so perhaps it wasn't such a mistake after all!
Let me explain......when I taught in London (5th grade), I had to teach R.E.  (Religious Education).  With such a diverse population, we were required to teach something about all the major religions,  not just Christianity.  Obviously at primary school level, it isn't particularly in depth, but the main aim was for students to understand that people worshipped in different ways and have different beliefs.  This was always respected, although I do remember some parents being unhappy about field trips to certain religious institutions.  (They did have a choice whether to attend or not).
In Ireland, when I was training, I would not have been able to teach in any school without an extra certification in R.E.  There are many schools where I am not able to teach because I do not belong to that faith.  Ireland is still incredibly provincial in its outlook.  My school is very rural and conservative.  We are required to teach one faith only, but can look at other faiths too.  I somehow managed to completely overlook the separation of State and Church in the US!  I was so wrapped up in and excited about my project, that I missed the obvious!  It will be useful though, as I created it for my class.  I also know it will be useful for Church schools and homeschoolers, so I am happy it won't be entirely wasted!  I also derived a huge amount of enjoyment from it.  Some have already remarked that they are happy to see a Christian teaching resource, as they can be difficult to find.  I have uploaded the American English version to TpT, but if you are interested in a British English version, just let me know.  Just click on the first pic to see the product on TpT - it is currently reduced by 50%.  I really hope you like it!

I also want to share this data tracking product with you.  The original idea was created by {Jennifer Findley}.  She has posted Delicious Data Tracking for CCSS (5th grade) and kindly gave me permission to adapt the product for 1st grade.  Just click the first pic to check this out in my TpT store.

This system has each of the 1st grade Math standards broken into more manageable 'I Can Statements'. Each 'I Can Statement' is written on a cupcake along with the corresponding standard. 
The students color in the cupcakes when they obtain mastery of that standard/skill.
There are a few different options for use depending on how you want to track the data. 
Here are some options:

~If you want a basic tracking system, you could just have the students color in the entire cupcake when they show mastery of the skill.

~If you want to do partial mastery and full mastery option, have the students color in the bottom at partial mastery and top at full mastery.

~If you want to do a 3 point scale (partial mastery, full mastery, exceeds mastery) or (no mastery, partial mastery, full mastery), have the students color in the polka dots, then the rest of the bottom, then the top.

Basically, this easy to use tracking system can be used in any way you need it to be!

So, to the freebie.  This is currently my facebook fan freebie.  However I have doubled the amount of pictures and posted it on TpT, just in case you don't follow on facebook or would like the revised version.  Just click on the pic!

Apologies if some pics do not appear or links don't work.
Our little peninsula is experiencing some bad storms at the moment and my internet connection is struggling!
I will check back later to see if anything needs repaired! 

Oh, need to update: 9lbs down - yay!


  1. Wendy, I for one am happy to find Christian Teaching Resources! I teach at a Christian school, stateside. There's increasingly more of us checking in on blogs, so don't give up hope just yet. :) I'm going to pass your URL along to my 1st grade teaching partners. :) Keep up the good work! And...if you happen to make any for 3rd grade, I'm interested!

  2. Aww, what a lovely thing to say! It has actually been much more successful than I ever could have imagined! Thanks so much for the promotion - it's very much appreciated! Your lovely comments just made my day! :D


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