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Just a few things to run by you this evening.  Can I just add, I AM TIRED!  Anybody else feeling like this?
The TpT sale was fabulous!  I am never leaving it so long to do feedback again!  However, it did mean that I got a cart full of clip art goodies for half price!  *insert very happy smiley face*
I finally got my 'Print and Go' Christmas Activity Pack finished.  I had the idea that on the run up to Christmas teachers all have a ton of ‘jobs’ on their ‘to do’ list and the last thing they need is ‘bits’ to laminate! So, I put together a few fun pages where you just ‘print and go’, ready to keep those early finishers occupied!
I have included a range of activities for a range of abilities, some just plain fun and some a little more challenging. A range of review skills are included and students are required to cut and glue with only some activities. A little interactive flip flap fun is also included!

All activities are in both color and black-line versions. I have organised these accordingly to make it easy for you to print whichever suits you best.
Included in the pack:
1. Cover
2. Table of Contents
3. Teacher Notes
4. Christmas Words Game
5. ‘I Spy’ Christmas Words
6. ‘I Spy’ Response Sheet
7. Christmas Words Trace & Match
8. Color The Christmas Tree
9. Easy Word Search
10. Easy Word Search Key
11. Christmas Tree Jigsaw Puzzle
12. Hard Word Search
13. Hard Word Search Key
14. Christmas Word Shapes
15. Word Shapes Key
16. Christmas Words Decoder
17. Decoder Key
18. Christmas Word Jumbles
19. Jumbles Key
20. Christmas Words Secret Trails
21. Secret Trails Key
22. Label Rudolph
23. Odd and Not Odd Snowballs
24. Pictures Estimation Game
25. Christmas Cracker Doubles
26. Christmas Pictures Symmetry
27. Christmas Pictures Patterning
28. Star Path Challenge Less/More
29-31 Christmas Roll & Graph
32. Skip Counting Snowball Flip Flaps
33-62 Blackline Versions
63. TOU/Credits

Just click on the pic to check it out!
This weekend should be pretty exciting in the social media world!  I am taking part in my very first Facebook Frenzy!  I am part of the First Grade ELA/SS Group.
The image below shows you the map of all the pages taking part - just in case you get lost on the hop!
The reindeer around the edges tell you of all the other groups taking part - I think it amounts to at least 100 freebies - wow!  So far, I've made my way through the clip art hop, which was fabulous!  As I made the map into an image, the links are no longer clickable.  However I have added the clickable map {here} to help you on your way.
Below is the image map to all the other groups taking part in the Facebook Frenzy.
Again, I have added the clickable map {here} which gives you your starting points for each group.  I hope you have loads of fun hopping through and come away with some fantastic freebies to add to your planning over these last few weeks before the holidays.  
Just to help further - you can find all the starting points below.

K Math/Science - https://www.facebook.com/mrspspecialties

K ELA/Social Studies - https://www.facebook.com/TheReadingBungalow

1st Math/Science - https://www.facebook.com/FriendlyFroggies

1st ELA/Social Studies - https://www.facebook.com/DynamicDualLanguage

2nd Math/Science - https://www.facebook.com/AllSmilesInSecondGrade

2nd ELA/Social Studies - https://www.facebook.com/StuckeyInSecondGrade

3rd Math/Science - https://www.facebook.com/EvilMathWizard

3rd ELA/Social Studies - https://www.facebook.com/comprehensionconnection

4th - https://www.facebook.com/4thGradeRacers

5th - https://www.facebook.com/theresourecefulroom

6th-12th - https://www.facebook.com/MathScienceSocialStudiesOhmy

Music - https://www.facebook.com/IamBullyproofMusic

Clipart - https://www.facebook.com/CarasClipstpt

On a more serious note, I, along with many others, have donated to this fundraiser pack which has been endorsed by TpT.

There are 29 amazing items in this bundle. The value is approximately $120. Each item in this bundle is a 'tried and true from the classroom item' that can be used throughout the year. Every penny raised from the sale of this bundle will go directly to the family of Michaelle Drake. By purchasing, you are not only receiving some amazing resources for your classroom, but you are also benefiting a family who has recently lost a loved one around the holidays.

This fundraiser has been put together by Erica at Blooming in First Grade and you can read more about what happened and why she felt called to action.  Erica has also detailed what is included in this huge bundle for $20.  The link to the TpT store set up especially for this fundraiser can be found {HERE}

My lovely friend Lacey is having a great giveaway over on her blog The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher.  She has hit a big milestone and wanted to have some fun!  
Included in the giveaway are a K-2 Bundle; a 3-5 Bundle; $25 TpT Gift Certificate, so head on over now and enter the rafflecopter that best suits you!

You might have heard some of the stories about our stormy weather at the moment, so I just wanted to share my favourite image of our little harbour on the first day of the storm.  I think it is just so beautiful!  (It was taken by a local photographer - I must find his name in the group, so I can give him proper credit).

I'm aware that many of you are experiencing snow at the moment, so to lighten the load, I'm adding this little funny - it appeals to my sense of humour!  I hope everyone stays safe!

Lastly, I couldn't finish without a special quote:

‘What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.’

Nelson Mandela

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