The 12 Days of Christmas Deal: Day 4

Welcome To day 4!  As usual you'll find one product in my store reduced by 50% for one day only!

 Apologies that my posts are getting shorter, but I an completely up to my eyes!  Hope you are all having a great last week at school and stress levels aren't too high!

3 down, 9 to go!  I hope you're enjoying all my little offerings!

Today I'm offering my: 

Super Sight Word Practice! {Magnifying Glass} Pictures and Playdoh Mats

Just click on the pic to check it out!

Super sight words for your students to practice!

This 81 page pack is a great way to have your students read sight words and further develop hand/eye coordination. 


The pack includes 6 pictures, to use in centers. Laminate for durability and add some magnifying glasses! Recording sheets for students are included.

PICTURE 1: Birthday Bear – Months (12 words)
PICTURE 2: Fairytale Castle – Color Words (11 words)
PICTURE 3: Down On The Farm – Number Words (20 words)
PICTURE 4: Forest Ranger – Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Words (33 words)
PICTURE 5: Jungle – Dolch Primer Sight Words (48 words)
PICTURE 6: School – Dolch First Grade Sight Words (41 words)

NB: I have removed the color and number words from the Dolch lists and added them to the relevant categories.


Model sight words on the mats using playdoh, beads, Wikki Stix etc.

Dolch Pre-Primer (40 words)

Dolch Primer (52 words)

Dolch First Grade (41 words)

Have fun!


  1. HI!

    This is fun! Thanks for the 1/2 off offer.

    Carol T.

    1. Hi Carol! Aww, thank you for your lovely comment - I was beginning to think I was talking to myself - haha! Your support is very much appreciated! <3


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