The Teacher's 12 Day of Christmas Deal: Day 7

Welcome to Day 7!

Only 5 days left - I hope you've all been picking up a bargain!

Today I am offering 50% off the following product:

Write, Wipe and Make Cards Dolch Pre-Primer Winter Edition, plus Playdough Mats!

Welcome to my Winter Edition of Dolch Pre-Primer Write and Wipe cards! 

Per page, you will find two sets of cards. Just cut along the center line and laminate, then you’re ready to go! 

Place in literacy centers/stations, use for small group or intervention work. 

This pack would be suitable for Pre-K, K and possibly struggling first graders.

Students can trace and write the pre-primer word, wipe off and try again! Included in the pack is a set of ‘make’ cards. Students can use any of the following to make the words (great for fine motor skills!):

Pipe cleaners, playdough, magnetic letters, Wikki Stix or yarn.

I have added 15 winter-themed fun and challenging playdough mats for early finishers - from easy to more challenging!


This PDF contains 48 pages in total:

Pg 1: Cover
Pg 2: Teacher Notes
Pg 3 - 22: Trace and Write
Pg 23 - 32: Make
Pg 32 - 47: Winter Playdough Mats
Pg 48: TOU/Credits

I hope you enjoy this pack!

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