The Teacher's 12 Days of Christmas Deal: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6!
Half way there!!

Today I'm offering 50% off the following product:

Puzzle CVC Word Study Learning Center

This CVC Word Study contains 43 pages in total (PDF Format)

The pack focuses on 20 key CVC words:
4 x short a
4 x short e
4 x short i
4 x short o
4 x short u


2. I have, who has game (4 pages)
This is for students to familiarize themselves with the focus words in a fun setting.

3. Letters of the alphabet – easy cutting option (6 pages)
Print multiple couples for groups of students.

4. Spelling Word Mats to accompany #3 version. (4 pages) 
There are 5 pictures on each word mat. Students lay the correct letters/sounds, in the right position, on the mat.
Once students have practiced with the 20 focus words, they should be encouraged to investigate real and nonsense words with all the letters of the alphabet.

#5 and #6 are the same as #3 and #4. (10 pages)
Here I have used jigsaw pieces as these are visually more appealing and help students understand that letters and sounds must be blended to create a word. This version creates a lot more cutting, this is why I have included the alternate version above.

7. Workbook (8 pages)

a.Workbook Front Cover
b.A recording sheet to write the 20 CVC words that have been completed on the word mats.
c.Trace and Write CVC words, plus space to write sentences and illustrate them.
d.Fill in the missing vowel – color and grayscale.

8. CVC Words Real or Nonsense Sort (9 pages)
This includes the 20 focus words, plus 8 extra, as well as 20 nonsense words.

9. Recording Sheet for Real or Nonsense Word Sort

I hope you find this pack useful!

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