The Teacher's 12 Days of Christmas Deal: Day 8

Welcome to Day 8!

Only 4 days left - grab a bargain while you can!

Today I am offering 50% off the following product:

Catchy Compound Words Bundled Unit Common Core Aligned

I designed this unit to offer an array of methods and resources to teach compound words. Hopefully you will find the right combination/differentiation to suit your students’ needs. I have included Teacher Notes where relevant.

This 129 bundled unit includes the following:

Cover; TOU/Credits; Contents Pages (4 pages)

SECTION 1: Compound Word Poster ( 2 page file)
Section Separator (1 page)
Poster (1 page)

SECTION 2: Flashcard Games (6 page file)
Section Separator ( 1page)
Teacher Notes – ideas for games (1 page)
Picture and Word Flashcards (4 pages)

SECTION 3: Cut & Match Puzzles (21 page file)
Section Separator (1 page)
2 pictures per page (10 pages color/10 pages blackline)
Cut each picture in half and laminate.

SECTION 4: Workbooks (67 page file)
Section Separators ( 4 pages)
Teacher Notes (1 page)
Workbook 1: Write and Illustrate Compound Words (blackline only)
Workbook 2: Match Words to Pictures–cut & glue (blackline & color)
Workbook 3: Compound Word Equations-cut & glue (blackline & color)

SECTION 5: Worksheets (9 page file)
Section Separator (1 page)
Teacher Notes (1 page)
WS.1: Color The Compound Word (2 pages)
WS.2: Compound Word Equations (1 page)
WS.3: Match Pictures to Words (2 pages)
WS.4: Fill in the Blank Spaces (1 page)
WS.5: Sort the Words in the Box. (1 page)

SECTION 6: Centers (20 page file)
Section Separators (4 pages)
Teacher Notes (1 page)
CENTER 1: Compound Word/Not a Compound Word
CENTER 2: Spin-a-word Game
CENTER 3: Flashcard Match Up

I am sure everyone will find something to suit their students' needs in this wide-ranging unit.

Hope you find it useful!

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