The Teacher's 12 Days of Christmas Deal: Day 12

Welcome to the very last day of our Teacher's 12 Days of Christmas Deals!  I hope you have had lots of fun exploring our stores and perhaps picked up a bargain or two!
Well, I don't imagine that many of you will be shopping on this special day!  I want to wish everyone a wonderful, festive, family time and a fabulous 2014!
I couldn't help myself - today is such a special day for many people around the world - I just had to offer my favorite product so far this year.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed creating this!  I hope perhaps you might be able to put it to good use this time next year!
Today I am offering 50% off the following product:
Nativity: The First Christmas Story {Retold} ELA Activities Common Core Style

The Nativity story retold!

This pack finished up being a lot larger than anticipated! Comprised of Common Core aligned tasks, your students will learn about that first Christmas, answer questions, retell the story with the help of graphic organizers and have fun completing some related ELA activities and puzzles.

Teacher notes are included where relevant.

Don’t forget to check out the 3-page preview to see everything that’s included!

This PDF contains 104 pages in total.


P1: Cover
P2: Contents
P3: Common Core Standards
P4-20: Posters, including a less ink-intensive set
P21-25: Story text for quick reference
P26-35: Teacher ‘Readaloud’
P36-52: Discussion questions for comprehension
P53-64: Student readers – 3 levels
P65-70: Sequencing activities – differentiated
P71-76: Graphic Organizers
P77-90: A range of writing papers for all abilities, includes transition words.
P91-P92: Word Mat for spelling help
P93-103: Related activities and puzzles, includes answer keys
P104: Credits/TOU

I have designed this pack with my first graders in mind. However there is a range of differentiation included and would be entirely suitable for 2nd, possibly 3rd grade depending on literacy ability.

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you all a very special day! Every visit, every comment gives me a warm glow! Your support for all my little ventures is truly appreciated! Love you all!

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