Miracle Update

Hi everyone!

Got to get the personal stuff out of the way first!  February and March are full of celebrations for our family and I'm looking forward to some fun after the restrictions of the last few weeks!

My niece had a baby boy a couple of days ago - a long awaited addition to the family and I am soooo pleased for her - I can't wait to meet him!

My in-laws celebrate 60 years of marriage in March - how totally amazing is that?  I love them so dearly and they cope really well with what life throws at them.  The last couple of years have been quite hard, but they are so stoical and never complain!

It is our wedding anniversary on Feb 28th - we will have been married for 9 years already and the man has the patience of a saint, bless him!  As many of you know, we got married in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We were hoping to go back there for the weekend, but unfortunately, due to circumstances, it just isn't possible.   

Please indulge me the pleasure of posting a picture which sums him up!

Yes, I am having a giveaway - woohoo!  You can see it is my birthday soon and I thought a wee celebration might be in order.  So please check back on March 1st to see what you could win and enter the competition - should be lots of fun!  The giveaway will finish on my birthday!

Now with the trivial stuff over, I have an important update for you about a very special little girl called Miracle.  Samantha over at Ms Smarty Pants has been working her socks off to raise money for the family of this brave and beautiful little girl.  Check out Samantha's update and perhaps you will consider donating when you read her post.  Samantha is home from hospital and doing well, although she does have to attend for further treatments.

Sneaky teaser coming your way................
Would you like to win 
$100 in TpT gold? 
Check back at the 
end of the week to find out how!


A Miracle for a Miracle

A short but very important post this evening!  I would love it if you could take the time to read this.....

Samantha over at Ms. Smarty Pants is holding a fundraiser for a dear little girl called Miracle - aptly named given her struggle so far in life.  Miracle is a first grade student at Samantha's school and has sadly been diagnosed with leukaemia.  Very dear to Samantha's heart, she was drawn to help in any way she could to support Miracle and her family, hence the fundraiser.

Many TpT sellers and bloggers wanted to support Samantha in her endeavour and have therefore donated products to help raise funds.  The resulting package contains 31 products with an approximate value of $110.00  If you feel called to help, a donation of $25.00 will secure this wonderful package.

Full details of Miracle's background and how to donate can be found on Samantha's blog - just click on the pic below.

I appreciate so much that you have taken the time to read this post.  Prayers for Miracle and hug your little ones a bit tighter tonight.


Facebook Fan Pages and a freebie!

Hi friends!
I'm currently out of class on medical leave (hopefully only for short time), so my next posts may be a bit random!!
Many bloggers also have Facebook business pages with 'fans'.  I have recently installed the most amazing facebook app that I hope will benefit you too!  I just had to tell you about it!
The app is called shortstack and can be found here.  Christi Fultz from Ms. Fultz's Corner found the app and was good enough to share it with her bloggy friends - thank you so much, Christi!
Basically the idea is to allow fans of your page to access freebies just for them.  If they are not a fan, they have to 'like' your page, to have access to the freebie.  It is a brilliant way to increase your following and gain better interaction with those who already follow you.  Sometimes I just want to thank my loyal followers and share something with them only and this allows me to do it.  I recently celebrated a milestone on facebook and was able to say thanks with a freebie.
This is how it looks:
On my home page below, there is a shortstackapp tab which, if clicked will send you to the area you see above.
I have added the text 'Shortstackapp', so you can see where the tab is!

The picture above shows a blue rectangle (bottom right) with 'Free' on it - this is the tab.  Below the picture you can just see 'For Fans Only'.  The tab doesn't look like this initially, but facebook allows you to add a picture and text.  When someone clicks on the tab, they are taken to the freebie to download.  The first time I used this I gained an extra 17 followers!  I know, I know, it's not all about the numbers, but it was exciting!
Christi has a very handy video tutorial which explains step by step how to set it up.  It was easy peasy and I can be a bit technically challenged!
Here is Christi's tutorial.  You can subscribe to her channel here - she has lots of helpful tutorials and advice
Further news:
My newest pack in my TpT store is 'St.Patrick's Day Puzzle and Activity Fun'.  I have included a 'front cover page' for teachers who wish to make this into a 'busy book' for early finishers.  Basically print, collate, staple and you are set to go!  I had lots of fun making it and hope you might be able to use it! 
Just click on the pic below to check it out!

Now freebie time!  I do, in NO way, claim to be a clip artist - TpT is awash with some incredible talent.  I do, however, like to experiment and learn new things.  The end result was a little St. Patrick's Day set to start you off with your upcoming St. Patrick's day projects.  I hope you like them and can get creating!
Just click on the cover pic to download (TpT Store)
Lastly, before I leave you, Ashley from Primary Teacherhood is celebrating a blogging milestone and hosting a fabulous giveaway with amazing products to be won.  Just click on the pic below and get entering! 
Have fun!

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!
Fern Smith's Thursday's Tech Tips for 


Day 13 For the Love of Teaching

Hey friends!  Welcome to Day 13 of 'For the Love of Teaching' blog hop.   I am super excited that my day has finally arrived!  I have been collaborating with a wonderful bunch of blogger pals to bring you sweet freebies galore to help you prepare for Valentine's Day with your students.
Don't forget to check out all the links to our blogs below and grab your freebies!

Now to my freebie - I hope you like it and can use it with your kiddos.  Just click on the front cover to grab your copy from my TpT Store.  I'm adding a few pics to give you an idea of what's included.

This freebie is part of a larger unit which can be found in my TpT Store - hopefully finished and uploaded today!  Just click on the pic below to check it out.

I've added in another little freebie just in case you can use it on the day - will keep your little ones busy for a while!  Just click on the pic to download from Google Docs.
Bookmarks to color

For Day 14, head on over to Martha at Primary Paradise.  She will be posting a day early to give you a chance to catch that final freebie in time for Valentine's Day!

Have fun and let me know how it all goes!

The linky below is ONLY for the participating bloggers. It is set-up for you to be able to hop from the 14 blogs.   



February is one of my favourite months as I got married on the 28th.  My darling hubby and I took ourselves off to Edinburgh in Scotland to do the deed!  I feel so blessed that I met this wonderful, funny man, with the patience of a saint, to put up with all that my mad life throws at him!

I'm reminded that Spring will soon be here (thank goodness!).  Nature is beginning to throw off her winter coat and I can't wait for warmer days and longer nights!  

Currently time is here.......I'm linking up with Farley at 'Oh Boy Fourth Grade'.

My currently is slightly out of date, as I didn't post it when I was supposed to!

We have had some terrible storms lately, even 'thundersnow'.  I have to admit I have never heard this term before!  Is it 'new' vocabulary for our modern world?  Anyhow, you can imagine we had thunder along with snowstorms and I was bereft, over quite a few days, with only intermittent internet access - how sad and addicted am I?!!  But hey, when you live in the sticks.......!

I won't go on about how happy I am with my new document camera - I did that in a previous blog post.  Let's just say, it has lived up to its expectations and more.  If you don't have one, GET ONE NOW!

I have already been to hospital and let's just say.... it happened!  Which leads me on to what I want and need.....a new body!  Any body swappers out there?  Tall and slim will do, as long as you're healthy!

My pet peeves:  I can forgive anything if you're honest about it.  My kiddos know that dishonesty is a bugbear of mine and really respect this, which I appreciate very much.  I need everything to be transparent, then I know where I am and how to deal with things.

I can't abide bragging.  Everyone deserves a pat on the back, but let me offer it because I notice it and not because you shove it in my face - sorry, rant over!

Procrastination:  another word for this is ME!  What more can I say!  If there was an award for this, I would win it......back to bragging.....lol!

Before I go, I wanted to send you over to my lovely blogger pal Martha at Primary Paradise.  She is having an amazing giveaway, celebrating all kinds of fabulous milestones!

Lastly, don't forget to drop by tomorrow (for your freebie) when I will be participating in:

Just click on the pic above to jump to Day 1 and start collecting those fabulous freebies!

Be My Valentine!

I'm always a bit late to the party, but I've tried really hard to have enough items in my store for the big sale and upcoming Valentine's Day.  I wanted to share my latest packet that I just managed to post on time!  Phew!  I'm so excited about the sale because I feel better prepared this time and just want to wish everyone lots of fun!  Below is my 'Share Some Valentine's Literacy and Maths Fun'.  Full of activities, games and centers - I do hope it will be a success, as I was beginning to get cabin fever!  (Just click on the front cover pics to go to my TpT store to explore the products further).
Baby Number 2

Baby Number 3 was lots of fun!
As was Number 4!
Number 5:  I still haven't got the knack of presenting the digi backgrounds correctly!
Number 6 is a freebie - just click on the pic to download from my TpT Store.
Not happy with the clipart, but will hopefully learn to tweak it!

I don't often promote on my blog, so thank you for your indulgence!

Enjoy the Superbowl!

Sunday SUPER Sale!

Good morning everyone!

It's been raining for nine YEARS (!) here, but finally a weak sun has ventured out to greet us this morning - yay!  I'm sure it'll last all of nine seconds, but it's here!  Makes me feel all spring-like!  The wind has done lots of damage, but all minor and I've lost my internet connection a zillion times, but all is good!  (You can tell I'm prone to a bit of melodrama!!)

Speaking of which........Sunday SUPER Sale!!!  So excited for the sale tomorrow!  I also want to let you know that I'll be continuing the sale into the next day - have never been able to work out the effects of the time difference.  So, 28% discount on Sunday and 20% discount on Monday - how cool is that!  I have LOADS of stuff on my wishlist and can't wait to get shopping - I hope you feel the same!  I wanted to promote my big Valentine Literacy and Math pack, but it's not finished yet - insert sickly smile here :(  I've got a bit behind....feels like I'll be turning into a pumpkin at 12 midnight!!  I will try my best to get it finished in time for the sale and update this post.  

Also wanted to remind you of our super blog hop where you can stock up on lots of fab freebies! Just click on the pic and follow the links.  Have fun!

PS A couple of giveaways to keep you busy with loads of fantastic products to win!  Just click on the pics!

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