A catch up and a sale!

Wow - it's been a while!  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer break!  I'm still waiting on some sunshine, but I'm ever optimistic!

Before I go any further, I just have to give a special thanks to Crystal at The LibraryFox.  What a lovely, talented girl she is!  If you scroll down to the bottom of my post, you will see me and my gorgeous dog, Blue!  Didn't Crystal do a great job!

I have hit a lot of milestones lately and wanted to celebrate by throwing a sale.  It's been up for a few days now and finishes tomorrow.  Just click on the pic if you want to have a browse.  I have added some new sparkly papers recently, as well as room themes - you might find something useful!

Graphics:  Glitter Meets Glue; Scrappin' Doodles
I'm sure you have all heard the buzz around Google Reader recently.  Well, only 2 days to go and it is no longer.  Although I love hoppin' around blogs, the reader has been handy for a catch up all in one place, so it will be sad to see it go.  However Bloglovin' is a fabulous alternative and I have already found a ton of new blogs this way.  Rather than re-invent the wheel, Samantha from Ms. Smarty Pants has given me permission to share her great tutorial on my blog. Thank you, Samantha! She explains in simple steps how to sign up for Bloglovin' - it's really quite painless (!) and I love that you get a daily update from all the blogs you are following.

You can also change your Bloglovin' button to a cute one!  Melissa from Common Core and So Much More shared a great tutorial on how to do this and has also allowed everyone to use her great button!  Just click on the pic below to check it out.

Cyndie from Chalk One Up For the Teacher is hosting a Room Theme Linky Party as well as a giveaway - yay!  She is the Room Theme Queen and you can win a fabulous room theme for her store - just click on the button below to hop over and enter the giveaway or join the linky - that's where I'm headed now!  Love all the pics, Cyndie - I wish we had a store like that!

You can also check out my classroom decor for sale by clicking on the button below.
Leaving you with something that made me smile - it is so very true!! How many of you can relate to this?! 

Source:  School Outfitters

Facebook Freebie Hop!

Just a quick post to let you know what a few friends and myself have been up to!
Everybody likes a challenge, right?!  Well, after a few teething problems we got there in the end - it was a long night - lol!
Presenting to you, our very first facebook freebie hop!  Look for the pic below on all the facebook pages taking part - it will be in the 'tabs' up top - like the page and grab your freebie.  There's even a cute next stop button to take you to the next facebook page and your next freebie!  Have fun and enjoy Father's Day!
Click here to go to my Facebook Page

These are some of the images you will see.  I hope you like my freebie!


Personal Round-up and freebies!

As I've said many times before, my blog is my personal outlet as well as educational, so you're in for a quick progress summary!!  I hope you don't mind!

I do get messages and comments about my medical leave - you are all so sweet!  So, here's where I'm at....I didn't get to return this year :(
The treatment I started in March for my Crohn's Disease is going well.  I do feel pretty wiped out at the time of treatment, but lots of sleep sorts that!  After a few initial loading doses, I now have treatment fortnightly.  I have moved on to doing my own treatment, so that constant trips to the hospital won't interfere at a later stage when I return to school.  I was able to choose IV or injection, so again to avoid any problems with school, I am now self-injecting with some funky equipment!  My tummy is full of holes - lol!  I've noticed a reduction in pain and go to hospital in July to check if the alien bodies are reducing!!  So it's all good.  My delivery of drugs arrived in a 'white, unmarked van', as promised!! Haha!

Regarding my back problems after the accident, I an having physiotherapy, ultrasound treatment and acupuncture, which is amazing!  I can highly recommend it for pain!  My physiotherapist is confident that the problems I have been having are just mechanical and can be sorted, so I feel very positive that I WILL be back in school in September - albeit with reduced hours and if my Principal agrees.  I have been beavering away at home trying to get things ready and am excited about my new class - 19 girls and 11 boys - wow!  So after a few difficult months, I feel like the cloud is lifting!  I now just need to persuade the Education Board Occupational Health Doc than I am fit to return, fingers crossed!

Unfortunately I have no pics to share with you from the Van Morrison concert. :(  WE DIDN'T GET TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it???  I had been excited for weeks, but Sod's Law intervened!  At the beginning of that week, my Mum had been taken into hospital with breathing difficulties - she is home and fine now.  On the day of the concert, the medical staff wanted to discuss her meds and release her, so she came to stay for a few days.  On top of this, my poor hubby came down with a horrible bug, also fine now.  I reckon it just wasn't meant to be, but there will be other occasions!  We did manage to get the tickets sold on, so someone got to enjoy it!

Recently I've been noticing lots of noughts!  I just uploaded my 100th product to TpT!  I've just passed 900 on facebook and 500 on my blog and am about to hit 700 followers on TpT - how weird is that?!  I am totally amazed at how quickly things have moved on this last year and am so thankful for each and every one of you!  All those noughts call for a celebration, so check back next week to see if I have anything planned!

Martha from Primary Paradise kindly featured my newest freebie on her Saturday shout out 'Top 5 freebies of the Week'- thank you, Martha!  You are a sweetpea!  Click on her pic to check it out her other great freebie finds!

You can also go directly to my TpT store from here and pick up a copy.  I really wanted to try out QR Codes on a product, so combined them with Back to School and ended up with a quiz to help students familiarise themselves with their teacher, classroom and friends - it was loads of fun to make and I hope you will find some use for it. 

I have also been revamping some reading group labels.  I know many of us organise our guided reading in many different ways, but perhaps the labels may be of use to you.  Just click on the pic below to grab a copy from Google docs.

Well that's it for today.  Check back tomorrow for a facebook surprise!


Oklahoma Fundraiser and a freebie!

Oh, dear!  It's been a funny old week (add to that month and year) - mini-moan over! 
To balance this out - Van Morrison?!!  Saturday concert here I come!  Here's the man (and the castle) himself.  Not quite the pin-up, but let's face it, who is?!  At least he knows how to create fabulous music!!

Ok, my Sunday Peek of the Week has not been very successful! - mostly because I am not disciplined enough, but I'm realising it can be hard to commit to a regular thing!  I keep forgetting to take notes of all the things I want to talk about, then my memory lets me down - any excuse!!  With the summer break almost upon us, I am going to post when I have something to say - that way I can't go wrong!
I wanted to bring you some Fundraiser updates, as the outpouring of generosity from sellers on TpT has been amazing!!

Dani, from Crayonbox Learning posted with a final update when the fundraiser closed:

I am writing this to you with a huge smile on my face, and a thumpity-thump in my heart.  To each of you who wrote emails, Blogged, Tweeted, Pinned, posted notes on Facebook, donated products, purchased bundles, and rooted us on....  WE DID IT!!!  

As of 6/4/13 the final tally for the Teachers Care for Oklahoma is as follows:

Combined total for all 4 bundles:  1583 x $25.00 = $39,575

Yes!!! You are reading that correctly $39,575 !!!

WOW!!!   What an AMAZING show of support for our friends in Moore, Oklahoma!!

How special is that?!  The K-2 Bundle I got from TpT sellers was amazing and I can't wait to use many of the products in my classroom - it will take some time to read through them!  I also shouldn't forget the amazing effort by Teacher's Notebook - I am still downloading those products - hundreds of them!  I believe they raised $90,000 plus!

The second fundraiser on TpT, as you will know, was a bunch of sellers who got together to donate 100% of their store profits made on Memorial Day.  As it was a holiday, I had a small panic that people would not be buying, but there was a last race in the final hours and I am happy to report I can make a donation!  A special thank you to some very special people on the forums - you know who you are *insert winky smiley* - who helped make this possible by buying some of my products!  You are very kind and generous people! The final total on this was $2,184! My donation will be going to the Red Cross.

Lastly, a little freebie for you.  Just click on the pic to collect it at my store.  Hope you like them!

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