Sale for 20 hours only! 50% off!!

This was planned just a tad late in the day, but I'm ready to go!!
I have been very busy over the month of July, focusing on 'design' type products, using my spare time to be a bit more creative.  I have 20 new products up since the beginning of July!!  Over August, I plan to devote more time to 'content' based products.  I am happy to say though, that I did begin my new Reading Intervention series - 1st and 2nd grade are already in my store.  A lovely friend suggested that it might be a good idea to have a sale (50% off) just for the last day of July, featuring all the products that have been uploaded to TpT over that month.  Great idea, I thought, but life intervened and I am just a little bit late!!  I have decided, since I have 20 new products, that I should hold my sale for 20 hours - so it's all ready to go! I have included some pics, so you have an idea of what I've been up to!  I have included 3 freebies for this month too, just in case they may be of use!  Just click on my resource bag below to be cyber transported!! Happy shopping!


A Catch Up!

What a crazy week it's been!  My darling Blue went head to head with his first thunderstorm - the outcome was not pleasant - poor baby!  He seems to intuitively know which is our nicest and most expensive carpet......!  Ireland and the UK have been treated to the most amazing heatwave for the last couple of weeks, broken up by the wildest, long-lasting thunderstorms and flooding -SCARY MARY!  Of course, we are not equipped for this, have no air conditioning and the tarmac is melting!  My friend Cyndie from Chalk One Up for the Teacher (who lives in Vegas) wants to come over here to cool down - lol!  We're all melting in the 95 degree heat - haha!

This week has also been crazy for other reasons - you may have noticed that a group of blogging friends has launched a new collaborative blog (and facebook page).  The Teaching Tribune spans the continents and combines many years of teaching experience.  We are 20 bloggers in total and have planned a new topic every month to hopefully bring you new ideas for your classroom.  We especially want to help new teachers just starting out in this amazing profession.  We have brought you some tips this month for classroom organization, short and sweet, as we wanted to introduce ourselves too!  In August we will be looking at classroom organization in more detail.
The blog launch has been amazing!  I hope you all did the hop on the first day, grabbed your freebies and QR codes, got the cash total and have been entering it every day in the new rafflecopter?!  In total, we had 10 prizes to give away (plus a bonus prize from our guest blogger, Julia Thompson, author of The First Year Teacher's Survival Guide).  The pic below shows which prizes have been won so far and what's still left! We still have 4 days to run, so don't forget to enter that total every day for one of the remaining fabulous prizes!
Today's tipsters are Merinda from Pirate Girl's Education Invasion and Randi from Teaches Third in Georgia - be sure to stop by and say hi!  Here they are holding their own little blog buttons - how cute!
I have been so fortunate to meet this wonderful bunch of ladies - we have become close 'virtual' friends.  I am sure that one day we will meet up in 'real' life - I am squirrelling away my TpT money to try and make it happen!  I feel very blessed!  

I also have to say a special thanks to Mel from Graphics from the Pond and Christi from Design by Christi for the huge amount of work they have put into the graphics and design of our fabulous new blog - it just wouldn't have happened without them!
My mind is beginning to turn to school and I know many of you start back next week.  I'm seeing pics of amazing classrooms popping up all over the place!  I'm itching to get into my classroom, but it will be closed for the rest of the summer break until we return in September....
Hahahaha!  Couldn't resist!!  Guess which one is me?!!  I shall know on August 27th (sooo late!), whether I will be able to go back this year.  Keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed for me that I get good news!
Anyhoo - that's it for today - go show my friends some blog loving!

Back to School Exclusive: July 22nd

Just in case you missed my post yesterday - we went live with our new collaborative blog:

The Teaching Tribune
Our plan is to bring you tips, tricks and resources for PreK-5th grade all in one place! 
This week we are posting all about getting the classroom organized at the beginning of the school year. 
For the blog launch we are having a 'freebie' hop around all 20 blogs. You will also have the opportunity of winning an amazing prize every day for 10 days!  (There will be a new rafflecopter posted every day).
Here is a summary of what's happening:
Just click on my stop button below to see all the details of what to do if you want to take part:
Have fun!!

Hot off the Press: Back to School Exclusive!

EXTRA! EXTRA! It’s time to read all about it!

Twenty crazy teacher-bloggers are celebrating the fact that it is almost time to go back to school!! Yes, we all love summer, but it’s time to start thinking about THAT time! Before it gets here though, how about some fun to break up those summer days spent on professional development, meetings and decorating your classroom? 
For the next 10 days, we are celebrating with freebies and a prize a day! 

Yes, a PRIZE A DAY FOR 10 DAYS!  Yippee!

Every day, you will have the chance to enter and win one of 10 great prizes!

This is what you can win during our Back to School Exclusive (in no particular order):

Prize #1 Quiet Pencil Sharpener & a $25 TpT Certificate from 'Graphics from the Pond'  ($50 value)
Prize #2 Bright Chevron Classroom Decor Set ($50 value)
Prize #3 Teacher/Classroom Gift Basket ($200 value)
Prize #4 Teacher/Classroom Gift Basket ($200 value)
Prize #5 Google Nexus 7 Tablet with case & stylus pen ($250 value)
Prize #6 Scotch Laminator  ($25 value)
Prize #7 K-2 TPT Product Bundle (over $100 value)
Prize #8 3-5  TPT Product Bundle (over ($100 value)
Prize #9 Blog Design ("Cuter" Design by Christi's Designs) $70 value
Prize#10 TPT Gift Cert $50

This is the IMPORTANT part. Please read carefully. Every day, for 10 days, you will need to visit the final stop blog The Teaching Tribune to enter to win and to see if you were the previous day’s winner!

Each day a winner will be drawn and one of the ten prizes will be awarded. To keep it fun and exciting, you won’t know what prize you have entered to win until the winner is announced the next day!
You never know what it might be! (Hands up for the Google Nexus Tablet!!)

To win one of these great prizes, just follow these steps…

Step 1: 
You will need to download and print the 'Hot Off the Press Cheat Sheet'. Just click the image below.

Step 2:  
You’ll need to collect your freebies. This hop will take you to all 20 blogs where you will collect freebies along the way. You can start at any of the blogs, follow the “next stop” buttons, and it will take you in a loop to all 20 blogs.  The very last stop will be The Teaching Tribune.

Step 3: 
Hidden in each freebie is a QR code, which looks like this, but in black.  Find the QR code.

 (Note: This is just a sample image. You do not need it for any reason.)

You will need to scan all 20 QR codes for a cash value with your smart device.  For those of you without a smart device,head on over to Sugar & Spice where she has the solution for you!

After downloading the freebie at each blog stop, be sure to record the amount in the QR code onto your cheat sheet. 

Step 4: 
Once you have all 20 cash value amounts, add them up, then just enter the total value to win 'a prize a day' on the Rafflecopter. All prizes will be posted on The Teaching Tribune blog. 

It’s time to get started!

I am the 3rd stop.

Click on my freebie below to download.
Find the QR code hidden in my freebie and add the value to your cheat sheet for stop #3


Click on the 'Next Stop' button below to hop over to the next blog to grab your freebie! 

Hope you have tons of fun with this amazing hop!

Here is a handy dandy visual summary!

....... and introducing our collaborative blog contributors - ta- da!


Pssst! Shhhhh! A little teaser........

Myself and some friends have been furiously working on a mega project over the last month or so - it's been great fun in the planning!  Tomorrow is the big reveal and hopefully the cause of much excitement!!  Stop by tomorrow for some BIG surprises!!  

A big thank you everyone who in participated in my facebook giveaway for a choice of room themes.  The winner has been notified and is hopefully choosing as I type!

......and for all dog lovers out there - please remember our furry friends in this heatwave!


Viva Las Vegas!!

Are you attending the SDE/I Teach K Conference in Las Vegas? Are you heading to the Vegas Meet Up at the Venetian Hotel afterward? It's open to everyone, all you need to do is RSVP right here.

When you get there, look for our friends, Cyndie from Chalk One Up for the Teacher and Michelle from Well, Michelle? (They'll be wearing an Ace of Hearts on their nametags). If you find them, you could hit the JACKPOT! They will be carrying a gift card to my store that you can redeem for one FREE product ($10 or less). 
All the fun begins at 6:30. So if you're in Vegas, be sure to stop by! We'll bet the house that you won't want to miss out!

Oh, and make sure to tell them I sent you! (This will be the proof that you heard about it from me!)



I hope you all had fun with our combined blog and TpT hop - it was all a bit crazy - haha!  With loads of freebies and stores on sale, I'm sure there was something for everyone!
Yes, we do have winners!  Huge congratulations to both Timyko and Tonya.  You have both been emailed and hopefully all those products are making their way through cyberspace as I type!

Keep checking back over the next few weeks, as we have some major plans and excitement coming up!

I also wanted to introduce you to my newest pack.  This is something I use a lot with my struggling readers and have seen huge success.  I have included detailed teacher notes and have plans to make a series to include other grades as well.  It's currently half price, although this offer ends tonight, so grab it cheap while you can!

Lastly - how cute is this!  I believe a poster needs to be made!!  I have tried to find the source again, but have been unable to - I do know it came from Pinterest.  Apologies and if anyone knows, please let me know!

Have a great week everyone!

It's Christmas in July!!

Whoo hooo - there nothing like a bit of summer madness!  I have teamed up with 16 other bloggers to bring you something special this weekend - read on......

We thought it wasn't enough to just run a sale this weekend, so we are bringing you some amazing winter holiday-themed freebies, as well as the chance to win your choice of products from each of our stores!

A blog and TpT hop combined - yes, definitely summer madness - haha!

We have 2 grand prizes, one for a K-2 primary teacher and one for a 3-5 intermediate teacher!
The hop will take you to all 17 blogs where you will collect TPT freebies along the way.  If you're not already following our stores you might want to do so when you collect your freebie.  It's a great way to receive information about upcoming sales and specials.

Hidden in each freebie found on TPT, is a flamingo hanging out on the beach. Look for a Christmas song written in the sand.  Find the underlined word. You will need to collect all 17 words for the grand prize.  Once you have all 17 words, then you can enter by listing the words on the Rafflecopter for a chance to win the grand prize on the final stop.
If you are looking for another pink flamingo, then you are at the right place! 

I am the 13th stop on the hop.

All you need to do is click on my freebie pic below, follow my TPT store, and download your freebie. Find the word hidden in my freebie (TOU page) and add it to your list. While you are there, you might want to take a look around as all my items are discounted by 20% from July 5th to July 7th.

You should make a complete loop to all the blogs, freebies in TPT with the pink flamingos, and then the final prize. Don’t forget to follow our TPT stores and blogs along your travels! You never know what we might be up to next…

Click on the button below to go to the next stop:

Have a peek........

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