Huge TpT Sale and link up!

Well, the cat is well and truly out of the bag - woohoo!  I have tons of stuff in my cart, so will have to start leaving feedback (my bad!) to get some more discount - yippee!
So, which cat is out if the bag?!  Yes, it's that time of year again!!   

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On Cyber Monday and Tuesday (December 2 and December 3, 2013) Teachers Pay Teachers is offering an additional 10% off sale prices already being offered by individual stores. 

Many sellers are offering 20% off on those days, and with the additional 10% off, teachers can save 28% in all - how amazing is that!

I am excited to be offering 20% off at my {Teacher's Toolkit} store!

Below are some products you might be interested in!

I would absolutely love it if you would consider stopping by and checking out my products!

Some of you might have noticed that my rafflecopter is finished!  Please stop by later when I will be announcing the winner - don't forget - one of the prizes is a $25 TpT gift certificate - how fortunate is that - just in time for the sale - woohoo!

If you are a fellow TpT seller, I would LOVE you to add a link to your store IF you have your store on 20% off for the Mon-Tue sales also!

I am thankful........

Read to the end to see what it's all about!!

Yes, I may not be American, I may never have sampled a Thanksgiving dinner, but it doesn't stop me giving thanks!  Sometimes we get so bogged down in the minutiae of the blogging world, TpT and our own busy, stressful lives, we forget to take a deep breath, look around us and see all the wonderful things that we take for granted on a daily basis. 
I have given thanks above for some very special friends who mean so much to me.  I also give thanks that I have the most wonderful husband who puts up with so much regarding my health issues, never complains and is always supportive - although he does say that the root of my problems lie with the fact that I talk too much - haha!  Despite expectations, my dear mother has made it through another year!  I give thanks for my darling, crazy Blue who kept me sane when Holly journeyed to doggy heaven and greets me every day with the biggest, slobberiest kiss he can manage!   Every day I am thankful that I live by the ocean - I just could not function without my daily dose of bracing breezes, sandy shoes and freezing cold water!
The 'thanks' list could be endless......thanks to all those heroes out there who keep us safe, thanks to those who sacrifice so much to give to others.  
Our world is a special place and I want to be able to enjoy it and 'give thanks' for many more years to come.
God bless you one and all!
Now for the surprise!!  I have teamed up with some of my wonderful blogging friends to bring you a Black Friday TpT Sale!  To say thank you to everyone, I am discounting my products in my TpT store by 20%, on Friday, November 29th.  To sweeten the pot, between midnight tonight and noon on Friday, November 29th, if you purchase 2 products, I will send you a third (free) product of your choice (of equal or lesser value)!'s a B2GOF Black Friday for you!!


You must email me at:
with the following information:

1. Your TpT user name

2. The names of the products you purchased between midnight tonight and noon on Friday November 29th (only purchases between these times will receive the free product)

3.  The name of the product you would like free.

I will send you your chosen product as soon as I can!

NB:  Times are EST


Milestone Giveaway!

Hey everyone!  Busy, busy and the weeks are flying by!
Just a quick post for today!  Firstly, some sparkle that might grab your interest!  My newest frames on TpT - just click on the pic to check them out!
Also a little freebie font - just in case you need to add to your enormous collections - if they are anything like mine - haha!  Just click on the pic!
And last, but not least......I just had to do a giveaway!  I'm feeling very blessed right now!  I've hit 2,000 followers on facebook and 800 on my blog - none of which would have been possible without you!  A huge thanks to everyone who stops by to say hello!

Have fun and good luck - love ya!

Christian teaching resources and a thanksgiving-themed freebie!

Well, I admit it, I boobed!  I, like many, become so wrapped up in my own little teaching world, that I sometimes forget to check what the rest of the world is doing!  Only after many hours of work and finally uploading my latest big project, did I find out that there probably wasn't much of a market for it!  Having said that, I enjoyed every minute of creating it and I'm glad it's out there!  Not long after posting it, I sold a couple, so perhaps it wasn't such a mistake after all!
Let me explain......when I taught in London (5th grade), I had to teach R.E.  (Religious Education).  With such a diverse population, we were required to teach something about all the major religions,  not just Christianity.  Obviously at primary school level, it isn't particularly in depth, but the main aim was for students to understand that people worshipped in different ways and have different beliefs.  This was always respected, although I do remember some parents being unhappy about field trips to certain religious institutions.  (They did have a choice whether to attend or not).
In Ireland, when I was training, I would not have been able to teach in any school without an extra certification in R.E.  There are many schools where I am not able to teach because I do not belong to that faith.  Ireland is still incredibly provincial in its outlook.  My school is very rural and conservative.  We are required to teach one faith only, but can look at other faiths too.  I somehow managed to completely overlook the separation of State and Church in the US!  I was so wrapped up in and excited about my project, that I missed the obvious!  It will be useful though, as I created it for my class.  I also know it will be useful for Church schools and homeschoolers, so I am happy it won't be entirely wasted!  I also derived a huge amount of enjoyment from it.  Some have already remarked that they are happy to see a Christian teaching resource, as they can be difficult to find.  I have uploaded the American English version to TpT, but if you are interested in a British English version, just let me know.  Just click on the first pic to see the product on TpT - it is currently reduced by 50%.  I really hope you like it!

I also want to share this data tracking product with you.  The original idea was created by {Jennifer Findley}.  She has posted Delicious Data Tracking for CCSS (5th grade) and kindly gave me permission to adapt the product for 1st grade.  Just click the first pic to check this out in my TpT store.

This system has each of the 1st grade Math standards broken into more manageable 'I Can Statements'. Each 'I Can Statement' is written on a cupcake along with the corresponding standard. 
The students color in the cupcakes when they obtain mastery of that standard/skill.
There are a few different options for use depending on how you want to track the data. 
Here are some options:

~If you want a basic tracking system, you could just have the students color in the entire cupcake when they show mastery of the skill.

~If you want to do partial mastery and full mastery option, have the students color in the bottom at partial mastery and top at full mastery.

~If you want to do a 3 point scale (partial mastery, full mastery, exceeds mastery) or (no mastery, partial mastery, full mastery), have the students color in the polka dots, then the rest of the bottom, then the top.

Basically, this easy to use tracking system can be used in any way you need it to be!

So, to the freebie.  This is currently my facebook fan freebie.  However I have doubled the amount of pictures and posted it on TpT, just in case you don't follow on facebook or would like the revised version.  Just click on the pic!

Apologies if some pics do not appear or links don't work.
Our little peninsula is experiencing some bad storms at the moment and my internet connection is struggling!
I will check back later to see if anything needs repaired! 

Oh, need to update: 9lbs down - yay!


Craft Round-up and freebies!

Well, this is my last day!  
I have been enjoying a full week off school - mid-term break - nose to the grindstone tomorrow!  
It's been a lovely, lazy week and it's given me much-needed time to catch up with 'stuff' and visit friends.
The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) have been active in our area through October.  Local photographers have been lucky to catch some amazing photos.  The pics are of local landmarks: Mussenden Temple and Dunluce Castle- both overlooking the sea.  Unfortunately I have yet to be in the right place at the right time!
I have begun a slimming class - go me!  I have been putting off the inevitable for waaaaay to long and the hours spent on-line have caused a bit of a spread on the behind - lol!  Exercise regime starts tomorrow.  First week: 5lbs off - yay!  I would love 14lbs off by Christmas for a special weekend away - I need to fit into that LBD!  I would do 'before' and 'after' pictures, but I don't want to spoil Sunday dinner - haha!
Anyhoo - I wanted to do a round-up of all the little crafty things we have been doing and offer you some freebies while I'm here.
Clothespin bats:  
I believe the idea originates from Enchanted Learning.  I do these at this time of year to tie in with 'Night Animals', as we have just begun our first novel study:  'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.'  Obviously good for Halloween if you add fangs.  The wings are also super useful for bat vocabulary. Students love writing with messy chalk!

We will making these over the next couple of weeks.
The paper plate owl has split pins for the wings, so they are movable.
Pinwheel Hedgehog:
This little cutie pie moves too!  Unfortunately we had to paint white card brown!  Note to self, brown card IS usable!  This one has wool for spines, but you can also use spaghetti, although it's slightly harder to glue!

Both of these are super simple to make and look very cute!  I have made up the templates in PDF form, so just click on the pic below to download.
Hand/Foot Turkey:
I love these turkeys for Thanksgiving (we made these for a bird project, as we don't have Thanksgiving):
This idea is from Enchanted Learning and you can find the template {Here}

Leaf People:
We also had great fun making these too!  If time permits, you can paint the cardboard tubes autumnal colors - they turned out really cute! Leaves, twigs, bark and googly eyes, plus tubes and glue - easy!

Thanksgiving-themed Symmetrical Pictures:
I posted a 'facebook fan' thanksgiving  freebie today.  However, if you're not a fan, you can grab it right here.  Just click on the pic below for a copy.

Christmas Vocabulary Read Write the Room:
Grab your free copy below!

Christmas Ornaments Clip Art: 
Also posted today (and starting early for Christmas!) - patterned ornaments.  This is available in my store right now, just click on the pic below.  However, if you are around on facebook this evening, I have planned a flash freebie!

So, that's it for now! I hope you find something useful!  Enjoy!

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