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Hi everyone!  So sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of my little giveaway!  I have been up to my eyes writing IEPs and clearing a backlog of work.  I did reply to your comments - thank you so for much for taking part!  I numbered the comments and got my hubs to pick a number....and the winner is......Bec Perry!  Thank you for leaving your email, I will be sending your chosen product as soon as possible - I hope you find it useful!  Thanks again everyone for joining in the fun!
I wanted to let you know about an upcoming linky......
Let me tell you what it is all about!
As Valentine's Day approaches, we hope you will join us in spreading some smiles, love, and happiness to those in your teaching community this year! We know our students love making Valentine's for their friends and decorating Valentine's bags and boxes for their classroom parties. But we think Valentine's Day is also the perfect opportunity to get your students involved in spreading kindness and a much needed smile to those around them.

Giving Valentine's to those who need a smile or a brightened day is the perfect opportunity to teach your students about kindness, empathy, and generosity. My first graders and I are going to be making Valentine's for the volunteers at a dog rescue center - we will be including a monetary donation for dog food.
I told my students that the photos of their cards would be seen all around the world - they are so excited to get started!

You can link up at The Teaching Tribune when you have your blog post ready to share.  
I hope you will join us in this giving linky!  
Just click on the pic below to go the The Teaching Tribune and check out the details
if you are interested in joining us. 

I also wanted to share a sweet Valentine's Giveaway from a new blogger and TpT seller just starting out.  It would be wonderful if you could show her some bloggy love.  Just click on the pic below to enter the giveaway - thanks for taking the time - we were all new once!!
I also wanted to share a fabulous blog hop going on right now.  You will need your paper and pens for this one though!  No products to download, but a lot of fabulous tips, tricks and strategies for your classrooms!  Just click on the pic below to go to Christina's Sugar and Spice blog and you can follow the hop from there.
Lastly, I have to share with you that I finally found some mojo to finish a project that I started before Christmas.  It was originally to be called January Journalling, but unfortunately it dragged on into February!!  It is now simply named 'Let it Snow' Winter Writing Prompts.  It ended up with a ton more pages than I expected.  Appropriate for high Kinders, first graders and struggling second graders.  I have included a range of formats, including photo prompts.  Just click on the first pic below to check it out at my store.

This pack contains a total of 30 journal prompts for use throughout the Winter months.

The writing prompts are open-ended and can be used for a daily response journal or more structured and guided journal writing, after class/small group discussion or research.

I have also included blank templates, with and without a themed border. Included are handwriting guidelines, as well as lines only, for more advanced, able writers.

The PDF contains the following:

P1: Cover
P2: Teacher Notes
P3: Contents
P4: Separator
P5-58: Writing Journal

My New Goals
My Favorite Winter Sport
How to Ice Skate
It’s Winter!
Snowman Acrostic
Winter Clothes
My Favorite Book
Winter Fun!
Hot Chocolate
Winter Weather
Worst Winter!
The Perfect Snowman
Which One? Ice Skating or Sledding
A Snowman’s Life
Penguin Describing Words
Snow Days
A Day in the Life of…..
Snowball Fight!
Snowman Adventure
The Igloo
Photo Prompt: The Mountain House
Photo Prompt: Snow Angels
Photo Prompt: Blue
Make a List: Comparison 1
Make a List: Comparison 2
Make a List: Comparison 3
Make a List: Comparison 4
Make a List: Comparison 5
Informational text: Polar Bears
Informational text: Penguins 

P59: Separator
P60-101: Writing Journal Alternative Lines
P102: Separator
P103-122: Blank Writing Templates

Although I have been tardy about finishing it, I hope you may still find something useful.  I have included my fur baby in the photo prompts!  I wonder if he knows he's about to become famous - lol!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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