Celebrate 'Spring Forward' with a Spring-Cleaning Sale!

Hi everyone!  Well, it's our 'spring forward' this weekend - those lighter nights just can't come soon enough!!  I LOVE this time of year!  So, what's been happening?  

A quick round up from me - I broke 2 toes a couple of weeks ago - ^&*(&*^%$$$%^&**(!!!!!!  is all I can say - thankfully they are on the mend - some very awkward driving for a while though!
My hubs and I will be doing this tomorrow!!  So excited!!!

I hope my stomach keeps it together - lol!  We will be flying to the Giant's Causeway and then across to Donegal - cameras batteries are charged, tummy is doing somersaults already!  I will post pics shortly - if they survive my shaky hand!  I have never been in a helicopter, so fingers crossed, all goes smoothly!

I love learning new things and when I am supposed to be working, I'm playing with technology!  I have so many half-finished projects for TpT, but I can only work when I'm in the 'zone', which sadly hasn't been for a while.  However, I have been busy with other little 'projects' that catch my interest and keep me away from important stuff!

I have opened a little 'store' on my blog.  I don't really expect to sell much, but I had fun setting it up!  It basically showcases my digital papers and is by no means fully loaded.  It's just a start and another little hobby for me.  The good thing about this outlet is that I can offer discount coupons whenever I like and it's a great way to thank all those customers who support me.  (These are mostly announced on FB, so it's always a good idea to check).

Last announcement for this evening: SPRING CLEANING SALE ON TPT!

My store is currently on sale!  I have joined a ton of fellow bloggers for a fun linky and sale to see out March.  So clear out those wishlists and pop those resources into your carts.  There's a lot of shops to browse this weekend!  Hop around the linky at the bottom of this post to visit some of your favorite sellers and grab a bargain!  

Wishing everyone a fun-filled weekend!

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