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A bit of pic and text overload this week and you may be wondering why...................I firmly believe that our students should be taught to respect animals, learn how to treat them correctly, as well as being responsible for a care routine - perhaps a class pet?  Below are the pics I share with my students, each accompanied with its' own particular story.

Let me introduce you:

This is Blue - our most recent rescue dog.  He is nearly 4 years old and had been abused.

This is Holly who was with me for 15 years - she passed away in April 2013 at 17 years old.  Also a rescue dog who suffered abuse.  I miss her daily.
This is Nora - my very first rescue dog - sadly died too young at 9 years of age.

This is Toffee enjoying the sun!  She is almost 15 and is our only rescue cat.

The next 4 puppies we fostered for a week.  Hubs had to take a week off work to help me!  It was a pretty crazy week with our animals and the new ones all together.  I don't think my home has ever smelt the same - lol!

This is Spot - we sponsor him because he will never be able to go to a new home, won't be euthanized, but is costly for the rescue center.

So, these are the choices my family make.  Many of my colleagues sponsor children's education around the world.

Do you have someone special to sponsor?  Have you met them?  Do you receive letters and pictures?  I would love to hear your stories.


  1. That's awesome, Wendy! I do not sponsor anyone specific. I support colleagues children as they go on field trips and other special trips. I love the idea of sponsoring a particular child or cause though!

    A Very Curious Class

    1. Thanks for your comment, Amanda! My colleagues support children's education in South America - I don't have a link handy right now. This came about through an ex-colleague who does charity work there and set up a foundation. I try to support on special occasions, as my life-long passion has been for animals. I wish I could do both monthly, but my budget just won't stretch! I love that my students take such an interest and hope to instil some 'giving back' virtues in them. I think it's wonderful that you help out where you can - field trips and other special trips need as much input as possible!

  2. Oh my gosh- I feel like we are animal soul mates. I agree that many children/students need to be explicitly taught how to care for pets and be responsible pet owners. I am not sold on classroom pets- I think animals are sensitive beings and a classroom can be a busy place. I am just not sure(?) Cesar Millan has teamed up with Yale and written a social skills curriculum Mutt-i-grees. It has the great advantage of focusing on being caring and humane towards animals (specifically shelter pets). Check it out if when you have time. My hubby and I support Best Friends, The Bunny Bunch Rescue, and ASPCA. We have never fostered but hopefully will someday.

    2 Smart Wenches


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