Exclusive July Membership: Summer Steals, Fall Deals!!

Hey friends - hope everyone is enjoying their summer break - is there anybody left out there who is still in school like me?  The weather is beautiful - school should be out!  13 days left to go - I am hanging in there - just about!  I have half my reports written and I am slowly crossing off all the events in my diary.  Add to that a room move in the first week of July and you can imagine I am BUSY!!

Having said all that, I am still trying to keep up with everything that's going on in the virtual world.  Our collaborative blog, The Teaching Tribune,  is already in its third week of our fun summer blogging series and every weekend, we try to bring you a fun game on facebook, so it's all happening!

On top of that, some of us have got together with a new venture for July - we are all very excited about it!  

Summer Steals, Fall Deals!

Basically this is a 4-week membership (for first and second grade teachers) which will run the month of July.  The first week is already available for download, as we wanted to offer you an early bird discount.

Every week, you will receive 20 themed products from 9 TpT sellers, plus some surprise extra goodies!  By week 4, you will have 80 resources, plus those little extras!  

The cost?  Only $50 for the whole membership!  Early bird discount before July 5th is $40 only.  I have added some images below to give you an idea of how the membership works.  I hope you will consider taking advantage of this fabulous offer - you will have resources stacked up to last you until December!!

TpT Sellers:

Week 1 Products:

To check out this great deal, just click on the link below.  Each product title is listed with a link to that product for you to look over the details/previews etc.

{Exclusive July Membership}

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