Monday Meet-Up-Link-Up With Christi Fultz!

I am linking up to our collaborative blog {The Teaching Tribune} and participating in the daily activities we have planned for you throughout the summer - fun, effortless and community minded!  Although I am not officially on summer break yet - I have another month to go - I couldn't help but join everyone celebrating their freedom and beginning to enjoy the feel-good summer vibe - I am so jealous!

Monday's blog post is about getting to know other bloggers.  Today I would like you to meet none other than the amazing CHRISTI FULTZ - designer extraordinaire!  I have known Christi for a few years now and met her when I bought my first pre-made blog design from her.  A year on and I now have my own custom designed blog, also courtesy of Christi - I cannot sing her praises highly enough!  Not only is she an awesome designer, but she happens to be a wonderful friend too!

Meet Christi!!

Well, I hope this fun image gave you a little glimpse into Christi the person!

Christi's links:

Christi's Teaching Blog:  Ms Fultz's Corner

Christi's Design Blog:  Design By Christi


  1. I love Christi! She designed my blog and was a dream to work with. Thanks for sharing!
    Differentiation Station Creations

  2. Christi is the best! This was SO fun to read! <3 :)

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  4. I agree with everyone! I love Christi! She designed my blog as well...great post!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

  5. Organization is a good thing to be a junkie at! :) Too cute!
    from Well, Michelle?


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