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The bloggers over at The Teaching Tribune have put together a little flash sale for you today.  On offer are two products which have been reduced by 50% for the day - woohoo!

This is part of our fun summer blogging series. Yesterday we meet bloggers from all over, who kindly answered some questions to give you a little insight into the person behind the logo. I enjoyed reading the little snippets of info on everybody - I hope you did too! 

So, on to Tuesday - lined up for today are two half price items in my store. At the bottom of this post, you can hop over to The Teaching Tribune, as many other bloggers have linked up, so there's a ton of digital products on sale for you to browse.

My first item:

Click on the pic for this product in my store.

I created this pack to encourage struggling readers from second to fourth grades to practice their comprehension skills, using non-fiction text with age-appropriate content.

The texts vary in length, but I have tried to keep the sentence structure and vocabulary simple. The passages are mostly written within the third to fifth grade Lexile bands. A word of caution however - the levels should only be used as a guideline - some of the more challenging topic vocabulary increases the Lexile level. (This type of vocabulary is topic specific and students would not be expected to know it).

The pack contains 2 pages per topic, which can be printed back to back. The first page introduces the text and questions. On the second page, students can highlight the piece of text which contains the answer. Some questions may require the students to look beyond the text to infer the answer.

I have used this pack with my advanced first graders, although the basic premise is for intervention with older grades.

• The texts help students develop skills in retrieving information from text.
• The check boxes allow those students, who struggle with handwriting and writing skills, to demonstrate their understanding and achieve success.
• These texts are suitable for independent work and ideal for shared and guided reading. They are also suitable for small group work where reading skills can be modelled, practiced and developed. 

These texts are suitable for independent work and ideal for shared and guided reading. They are also suitable for small group work where reading skills can be modelled, practiced and developed.

Please check the free preview – you will find a freebie text to download to help you decide if this pack is right for you and your students.


Polar Bears
The King of the Jungle
Ancient Egyptians
Community Helpers
Planet Facts
Earth Day
The Water Cycle
The Four Seasons
Weather Forecasting
The Journey of the Banana
Teddy Bears

This (57 page) PDF contains the following:
25 non-fiction texts

My second item:

Click on the pic to find this product in my store.

This handwriting practice pack was created for first graders, but I believe it would also be beneficial for advanced Kindergarten students. I hope it proves to be both challenging and fun for your students as they practice reading, tracing, writing and drawing.

The first page helps practice handwriting formation and includes a word beginning with the focus letter, along with a picture cue. Students can also color, as well as identify words beginning with the focus letter and illustrate these. 

The second page allows students to read, trace and write a phrase containing a word beginning with the focus letter and identifies additional words for the students to trace and illustrate.
The pages may be copied back to back and stapled as a booklet. 

A front cover can be added from a choice of 3. For less advanced readers, you may wish to copy only the first page.

This handwriting pack can be used for morning work, independent work or may be used in a whole group setting.

I have added in extra review/practice with sight words: Pre-Primer; Primer; First; Second, plus some nouns for formatting purposes. (Read, trace and write)


Pg 1: Cover
Pg 2: Teacher Notes
Pg 3-5: Workbook Front Covers
Pg 6-57: Handwriting Workbook
Pg 58-95: Sight Words
Pg 96: TOU

This is a PDF file containing 96 pages.

I hope you find something that will be of use to you! Have fun and don't forget to check out the linky for more awesome sale products!

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