Two For Tuesday!

The bloggers over at The Teaching Tribune have put together a little flash sale for you today. On offer are two products which have been reduced by 50% for the day - woohoo!

This is part of our fun summer blogging series and we are in Week 4 already!

So, on to Tuesday - lined up for today are two half price items in my store. At the bottom of this post, you can hop over to The Teaching Tribune, as many other bloggers have linked up, so there's a ton of digital products on sale for you to browse.

My first item:

NB: Detailed 'Teacher Notes' are included. I have also included an editable probe grid for teachers to add their own content.

These probe grids are intended to be used as intervention for students who are making very little progress with basic skills in literacy.

The grids are highly structured, to be used little and often, with the aim of boosting fluency, accuracy and confidence.

Use them as part of a 5/10 minute daily program for basic skills learning. (They should be used on a one-to-one basis with a suitable adult). The daily activity aims to help the student develop fluency by over-learning.

The grids are intended to challenge the student to read as many items as possible in 1 minute – a sand timer or stopwatch can be used.


Flash Cards - these are color-coded for ease of use
Probe Grids (5 words per grid)
Teacher Recording Graph
Award Certificate
Editable Probe Grid

Content Covered: First Grade Dolch Sight Words (plus some 2nd Grade for formatting purposes)

Also included:

10 x Color Words - 2 versions of the probe grids are available for differentiation;
Number Words to ten;
Numerals to 20.

This ZIP file contains 44 pages.

My second item:

Included are 12 elements - 232 images in total.

Perhaps you are a new TpT seller just starting out and looking for some basic elements? A quick way to have just what you need at your fingertips, as you begin to create those first few products.

Maybe you are a seasoned seller who would love to have everything you might need in one folder, as a 'go to' pack?

Whichever you are, hopefully you will find just what you need in this mega bundle.

I have tried to include elements which would work with any product, e.g. polka dot and chevron papers.

Here's what you get:

Paper Pack 1: Polka Dot; Chevron; Check/Plaid (3 packs)
Paper Pack 2: Cover Pages - Sticks; More Scribbles ( 2 packs)
Frames: 3 styles - Glitter; Black; Color (3 packs)
Headers: Doodle (includes JPG, PNG and filled centers) (1 pack)
Labels: Chalkboard Circles (1 pack)
Tags: Colored Tags (1 pack)
Fonts: 12 Toolkits Fonts. (1 pack)

All papers are in 'letter' size to better suit your projects.

I have included a detailed preview of everything you would receive in this pack - the image thumbs reflect this also. Please check these carefully to decide if the elements suit your needs.

The total cost of the individual products is $37.50.

If you wish to check out the elements in more detail, the following links will take you to the individual products.

Bright Chevrons Digital Papers {8.5 x 11} Clip Art CU OK

Dotty For You! Simple Polka Dot Digital Papers Clip Art {8.5 x 11} CU OK

Checkers/Plaid Digital Background Papers {8.5 x 11} Commercial Use OK

More Scribbles Digital Background Papers {8.5 x 11} CU OK

'Sticks' Digital Background Papers {8.5 x 11} Commercial Use OK

Glitter Frames Clip Art {8.5 x 11} Commercial Use OK

Mixed Bundle of Black Frames {8.5 x 11} Clip Art CU OK

Simply Simple! Skinny and Colorful Frames Clip Art CU OK

Chalkboard Circles Tags Labels Clip Art CU OK

Doodle Headers/Labels/Tags Clip Art CU OK

Colored Tags/Labels Frames Clip Art CU OK

Teacher's Toolkit Fonts Clip Art CU OK

Hope you find something useful!

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