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Hey everyone!  It seems like it has taken me most of the summer to relax, but I feel like I'm finally getting there and achieving small things as I go along!  Sometimes, as teachers, I get the impression that we beat ourselves up if we are not constantly in a whirlwind, juggling ten things at once!  I think I have spent the summer reprimanding myself for not doing this or that and got in a bit of a funk for a while, but now, just when I feel I'm starting to get it together, school looms large - haha - can't win!
What I really want to say is - I need another month off!  I am ready to see people and do things, but should be getting ready for school starting!  My car is jam packed full of 'stuff' for my room makeover, but I can't get into school - I am refusing steadfastly to take everything out again!!  I have shopped in the TpT sale and have my first week's plans done already.  Do I have a clue what I'm doing with this new grade? - not really, but I'll learn as I go - I hope!  Luckily I am looping up with last year's students, so at least I know where they finished and where they need to move on to.  I'm kinda half sorted - I want to get back and get stuck in, but don't want to wish my last couple of weeks away!
I know many of you have already started back and mostly have your shopping done for back to school.  I hope everyone is having a successful start and settling in to their new year and getting to know their new kiddos!  Most people out there probably have a week under their belts and are feeling pretty exhausted.  So I am bringing you something to put a smile on those tired faces!!  I am going to continue with The Teaching Tribune's Two For Tuesday linky!

Today I want to offer you two products that I feel most proud of - I hope you are planning ahead - lol!  Both are currently at half price until tomorrow.  I hope you take advantage of this great deal!

Product #1

Click on the pic to find this product at 50% off in my store!

'What's The Weather?' is a complete integrated unit for all those working with weather in the classroom. My aim was to make this unit as wide-ranging as possible - I am sure you will find something to suit all needs.

This is a 116 page PDF and includes the following:

P1: Cover

P2-3: Contents

P4-36: Weather & Climate Presentation
Weather Tools

P37-42: “I’m a Weather Presenter!” Activity

P43-48: Thinking Maps

P49-54: Weather Phenomenon Research Sheets

P55-59: Weather Experiments & Lab Reports

P60-62: Weather Recording Sheets

P63-83: Literacy Centers:
Compound Word Match 
Weather Word Syllable Sort
Parts of Speech Sort

P84-86: Math Activities:
Greater than/Less than Rainbows; 
Weather Patterns

P87-97: Matching Games

P98–113: Simple Fun Activities & Puzzles Discussion Weather Wheel:

These activities would be suitable for students who may need less challenging activities. They may also be used for early finishers or as a simple fun activity

Scrambled Weather Words; 
Match Word to Picture;
Missing Letter in Weather Words;
Draw Seasonal Weather;
Alphabetical Order;
Easy Weather Wordsearch & Key;
Hard Weather Wordsearch & Key;
Weather Words Shape Boxes;
Simple Weather Word Opposites;
My Favorite Weather.

P114: Suggestions for reading and craft websites

P115-116: Terms of Use and Credits

This unit can be used to study the topic of Weather in its entirety - I hope you and your students enjoy it!


Product #2
Click on the pic to find this product at 50% off in my store!

The Nativity story retold!

This pack finished up being a lot larger than anticipated! Comprised of Common Core aligned tasks, your students will learn about that first Christmas, answer questions, retell the story with the help of graphic organizers and have fun completing some related ELA activities and puzzles. 

Teacher notes are included where relevant.

Don’t forget to check out the 3-page preview to see everything that’s included!

This PDF contains 104 pages in total.


P1: Cover
P2: Contents
P3: Common Core Standards
P4-20: Posters, including a less ink-intensive set
P21-25: Story text for quick reference
P26-35: Teacher ‘Readaloud’
P36-52: Discussion questions for comprehension
P53-64: Student readers – 3 levels
P65-70: Sequencing activities – differentiated
P71-76: Graphic Organizers
P77-90: A range of writing papers for all abilities, includes transition words.
P91-P92: Word Mat for spelling help
P93-103: Related activities and puzzles, includes answer keys
P104: Credits/TOU

I have designed this pack with my first graders in mind. However there is a range of differentiation included and would be entirely suitable for 2nd, possibly 3rd grade depending on literacy ability.

Hope you enjoy this pack as much as I've enjoyed creating it!


I hope you like my 50% off choices and can find some use for them!

Have a great week!

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