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A Catch Up, a Giveaway and a Freebie!

Hi everyone!  I have been missing in action for just a few days (:D) because life got in the way - lol!
Since I finished school for summer I have been ill (typical!) and my Mum was taken into hospital (all is now well).  She has taken up residence with us for the time being (for as long as we can put up with one another - lol!)
My room move came to nothing - when the custodian was available, I was sick and now that I am available he has gone on holiday!  Sod's Law - lol!  To my knowledge - all my 'stuff' is in the hallway and I will have the unenviable task of moving rooms whilst juggling 27 second graders.  And of course - I have been crazily buying up as many resources on TpT as possible, as I have taught first grade for the last 10 years!!
I would love it if you could leave links (in the comments) to any amazing 2nd grade teaching resources that you have come across!
We have been experiencing a heatwave (without A/C), so it has been hot and sticky, but totally amazing!  Here are some pics for you:

This was taken at 9pm - it stays light until 11pm and then gets light again around 3.30am - so the days seem endless and black-out blinds are a must!!

This was taken by a friend a couple of days ago - it's my dog walking beach and where I recently met Kimberly Geswein (KG Fonts) and her lovely family!  I finally met an online friend!!
So despite the last few weeks of craziness, I did actually manage to get 2 new products finished.  Not a huge amount for nearly 4 weeks summer break, but better than nothing!!  I want to give both of them away to one lucky winner!!

This product is primarily aimed towards 2nd grade - I actually made it for my own class.  
You can read more about the content {here - What's The Weather?}.
Product number two was lots of fun to make - an idea grabbed me and I ran with it!!  I adore the little girl on the cover!!  
You can read more about this product (here - Discussion Wheels - A Talking and Listening Pack}

I have added a sample (2 discussion wheels with sample questions) to google docs - just click on the pic above and grab a copy - I hope you have fun with it!!
So last, but not least!  I would like to give both of these new products away to 3 lucky winners!!  The giveaway will run until the end of July.  I would love it if you would take some time to enter!  Good luck!
Also you may want to keep an eye on my facebook page - more giveaways and amazing blog hops coming up over the next few days!!


Fourth of July Blog Hop

I am joining some bloggy friends for a fun blog hop to celebrate July 4th!

Not being American, it's quite hard for me to talk about July 4th and what it means to me!  So, I am asking you today what it means to you?  Is it just another fun-filled holiday, a great excuse to bust out the BBQ, watch a parade or some light some fireworks or do you truly reflect, on America's historic birthday, what a great nation you have?

Have you been following World Cup Soccer?  I know it's not America's favorite sport (hehe!), but it is catching on, especially if you have been following the fortunes of the American soccer team!  Sadly they are out, but oh my word, was the world cheering them on!  I was gutted they didn't win, because although they may have lacked a little bit of quality, they soooo made up for it in sheer determination and grit - what team spirit and fight through to the end!  It was a thrilling match to watch and they so deserved to go through for that fighting spirit alone!  When I was thinking about the 4th of July, I was reminded of this performance.

In countries like Ireland, most people share a common culture or ethnicity. But the United States is different. What people share is a common idea — that people should have the freedom to live the way they want, and to work and earn money the best way they can. These freedoms have inspired people from all over the world to come to go to America and become "Americans." 

So this 4th of July, reflect on what it means to be an American and think of the sacrifices made by those to secure the freedoms you have today.  One day, I will fulfil my dream to visit your amazing country and perhaps have an opportunity to see the Liberty Bell - a symbol of freedom for people all over the world!

Happy July 4th, my American friends!

To celebrate this special birthday, I want to share a 'birthday' freebie with you!  Just click on the image below to grab a copy!

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Throwback Thursday {Teaching Tribune Summer Blogging Series Week 5}

Despite my age and many years in teaching, it's important to me not to become complacent. I thrive on the next challenge and love to explore everything new in teaching. A wonderful network of bloggers has kept me right up to date with what's new and interesting and Pinterest has become a valuable resource! Some examples: from whole brain teaching - oral writing - something I have recently introduced in my classroom and hope to blog about very soon.

When QR codes were trending, I made a fun resource to welcome my firsties back to school. Usually, if I don't know something I google it, especially in the area of technology. I try not to be scared of it because, although I remember my first internet experience vividly and was overwhelmed, it is, for our little ones, a completely natural and commonplace experience.

Recently I have become interested in Augmented Reality, courtesy of {Tools for Teachers by Laurah J}. Laurah had made a resource using the Aurasma app and had written about it - it piqued my interest and I just had to explore further!
What is Augmented Reality? This video explains it better than I can!

So, the question is - how do we use this technology in our classrooms? 

From {edutopia}:

Classroom Applications

Another app, Aurasma, allows users to engage in and create Augmented Reality experiences of their own. Educators and (more importantly) students can use this open source tool to essentially bring their learning to life. We've seen Aurasma used several different ways in the classroom.

  • Homework Mini-Lessons: When students scan a page of their homework, the page reveals a video of their teacher helping them solve a problem.
  • Faculty Photo Wall: Set up a display of faculty photos near the school entrance. Visitors can scan the image of any instructor and see that figure come to life, telling more about him- or herself.
  • Book Reviews: Students record themselves giving a brief review of a novel that they just finished, and then attach that "aura" (assigned digital information) to a book. Afterward, anyone can scan the cover of the book and instantly access the review.
  • Parent Involvement: Record parents giving brief words of encouragement to their child, and attach a trigger image to every child's desk. Anytime students need to hear encouraging words from their parent, they can scan the image on their desk for virtual inspiration.
  • Yearbooks: From tributes to video profiles, from sports highlights to skits and concert footage, the ways that AR can enhance a school yearbook are limitless.
  • Word Walls: Students can record themselves providing the definitions to different vocabulary words on a word wall. Afterward, anyone can use the Aurasma app to make a peer pop up on screen, telling them the definition and using the word in a sentence.
  • Lab Safety: Put triggers (images that activate media when scanned by an AR-enabled device) all around a science laboratory so that when students scan them, they can quickly learn the different safety procedures and protocols for the lab equipment.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Sign Language Flashcards: With AR, flashcards of vocabulary words can contain a video overlay that shows how to sign a word or phrase.
{Aurasma} is a free app which can be downloaded to your ipad, iphone, android device or iphone. Once you have it installed, you can scan any image that has an aura embedded in it. Laurah has a fabulous resource, 'The Life Cycle of a Butterfly' which can be downloaded {here}. 

Scanning and enjoying a near real experience is the easy part, but I also wanted to try making a quick aura myself.
I used this video to help me:

To get the full experience, you should really download Laurah's fabulous resource!

I made a quick aura for the purpose of this blog post, it is by no means perfect, but I wanted to provide you with a quick demonstration, so you could see it working. To view this aura, you must have the app installed on your mobile device. For the auras to appear, you must first follow this channel - this can only be done on your mobile device:

Once this step is completed, all you have to do is open the app and scan the image below! A video will appear for you to enjoy in 'real-life'.

Please excuse the quality of video and the lack of sound - I have yet to perfect that bit! Of course, many of us just don't have the time to create these resources, but you can find auras that have already been created by others who use the app. You just have to follow their channel to access the auras. Hopefully, some pioneers (like Laurah!) will begin to create resources which will be available in TpT stores!

So, give it a go and let me know what you think! Thanks so much to Laurah J from Tools for Teachers for bringing this amazing app to my attention!


Two For Tuesday!

I have just realised it is a week since I last posted!  Welcome to July and my first day of summer break!  Last week was horrendously busy, but school is finally finished and I am trying my best to catch up on everything.  I had a very long lie in today, hence my lateness in posting my Two For Tuesday!

Two For Tuesday is part of The Teaching Tribune's Summer Blogging Series - you are more than welcome to join in the link up or just browse all the 50% off products!  The link to The Teaching Tribune is in the button below where you can find the link up.

So, on to my two 50% off products this week:

My first item:

Click on the pic above to find this item in my TpT store

A fun way for children to practice Dolch Sight Words!

I have written 30 sentences using all the Dolch First Grade Sight Vocabulary. The sentences have been completed using Pre-Primer, Primer and some Second Grade Sight Vocabulary, plus Dolch Nouns.

Each sentence contains 6 words and is split into 1 word per flashcard with an illustration.

Just print, cut and laminate for durability.

The cards should be scrambled for students to read and place in the correct order. The sentences can then be recorded in the accompanying booklet. Each page is numbered to match the flashcards, has writing lines and a space for an illustration.

I have also included an assessment sheet, color-coded to show progress throughout the school year.

This PDF contains 64 pages in total.
My second item:

Click on the pic above to find this item in my TpT store

I created this pack to encourage struggling readers from second to fourth grades to practice their comprehension skills, using non-fiction text with age-appropriate content.

The texts vary in length, but I have tried to keep the sentence structure and vocabulary simple. The passages are mostly written within the third to fifth grade Lexile bands. A word of caution however - the levels should only be used as a guideline - some of the more challenging topic vocabulary increases the Lexile level. (This type of vocabulary is topic specific and students would not be expected to know it).

The pack contains 2 pages per topic, which can be printed back to back. The first page introduces the text and questions. On the second page, students can highlight the piece of text which contains the answer. Some questions may require the students to look beyond the text to infer the answer.

I have used this pack with my advanced first graders, although the basic premise is for intervention with older grades.

• The texts help students develop skills in retrieving information from text.
• The check boxes allow those students, who struggle with handwriting and writing skills, to demonstrate their understanding and achieve success.
• These texts are suitable for independent work and ideal for shared and guided reading. They are also suitable for small group work where reading skills can be modelled, practiced and developed. 

These texts are suitable for independent work and ideal for shared and guided reading. They are also suitable for small group work where reading skills can be modelled, practiced and developed.

Please check the free preview – you will find a freebie text to download to help you decide if this pack is right for you and your students.


Polar Bears
The King of the Jungle
Ancient Egyptians
Community Helpers
Planet Facts
Earth Day
The Water Cycle
The Four Seasons
Weather Forecasting
The Journey of the Banana
Teddy Bears

I hope you find something you can use, as you plan for your classes next year!

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