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Hey everyone!  After a bit of a break, I am back in full work mode and moving forward with a fabulous promotion!

A group of friends and TpT sellers have come together to bring you 3 days of fun and giveaways!

You can download the promotional freebie in my store and see what we've got planned!  Images and products are linked in the PDF and you will find loads of bargains to start off the new year!

Just click on the pic to go to my store and download the PDF.
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Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!


Baby Jay

Apologies that I haven't been around for a while.  I know I promised you a mini-series of teacherpreneur tips through the month of November, but life has a way of hijacking your plans.
For those of you who have been following the story of my grandson, Jay - I wanted to update you.  Sadly Jay lost his battle for life on Friday, December 11th at 1.38am.  He passed peacefully in his mummy's arms, surrounded by those who dearly loved him.  He was laid to rest on Tuesday, December 15th at 12.30pm.  Our brave little munchkin may only have just reached his first birthday, but in those short 12 months, he touched so many people's lives.  Difficult times often bring out the best in people - Jay's parents have been supported by so many across the world.  This support has given them strength to keep going when they were physically and emotionally exhausted.  Jay brought so much joy to so many people and will remain in our hearts forever.
Rest assured I will resume the planned mini-series in the new year and look forward to bringing you more useful tips.
It just remains to wish you all a wonderful festive season - I'm looking forward to spending quality time with my family this year.
God bless you all.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is virtually impossible without a strong background in basic skills – firstly from the processing of individual letters and their associated sounds, to word recognition, to the processing of sentences and paragraphs in much longer and more complex texts.

From personal experience, I see much explicit instruction in the first of the basic skills mentioned, but not as much confident instruction in the skills required to make sense of more complex text - perhaps I am only speaking for myself…..! Not only did I require further professional development (a refresher), but afterwards I gave myself the challenge of creating my own resources to support what I had learned.
If you can’t find the relevant professional development, the following books come highly recommended:

Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor

Comprehension From The Ground Up by Sharon Taberski 

When comprehending, learners strive to process text beyond word-level to get to the big picture. The 6 comprehension strategies that will enable our students to get to where they need to be are the following:

Making connections

Regardless of the strategy being taught, the process of explicit instruction should remain the same:

Select the text
Explain the strategy
Model the strategy
Guided support
Independent practice

Some wonderful examples of the explicit instruction of comprehension strategies can be found below, courtesy of Christina DeCarbo.

Let’s connect what we know about comprehension strategies to Common Core.

The Common Core Reading Anchor Standard No.1 for Literature and Informational Text is:

“Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text."

To that end I created ‘Checkbox Challenge’ which I hope to make into a series.
By creating this pack I hope to encourage struggling readers from second to fourth grades to practice their comprehension skills, using non-fiction text with age-appropriate content.  
(I used this pack with my very able first graders)

Click here to find this product in my store
The texts vary in length, but I have tried to keep the sentence structure and vocabulary simple. The passages are mostly written within the third to fifth grade Lexile bands. A word of caution however - the levels should only be used as a guideline - some of the more challenging topic vocabulary increases the Lexile level. (This type of vocabulary is topic specific and students would not be expected to know it).

The pack contains 2 pages per topic, which can be printed back to back. The first page introduces the text and questions. On the second page, students can highlight the piece of text which contains the answer. Some questions may require the students to look beyond the text to infer the answer.

I have used this pack with my advanced first graders, although the basic premise is for intervention with older grades.

•The texts help students develop skills in retrieving information from text.

• The check boxes allow those students, who struggle with handwriting and writing skills, to demonstrate their understanding and achieve success.

• These texts are suitable for independent work and ideal for shared and guided reading. They are also suitable for small group work where reading skills can be modelled, practiced and developed.

NB: The preview contains an example of one text so you can evaluate whether it is appropriate for your students.

My wish is that ‘Checkbox Challenge’ supports your classroom curriculum, whilst engaging and improving your students’ comprehension skills

You can find more great comprehension activities for K-5 {here}


Teacherpreneur Tips Part 1

So, folks – welcome to my first mini blogging series!

So, what is the aim of this series? 

  I have been selling teaching resources for 3 years now and I will not mince my words, it is not easy. It was a steep, steep learning curve, involving reading, researching, hours of hard work and commitment, asking friends’ advice, and reading some more! It really helps if you are a night owl, who does not sleep well! (It’s also useful to remember that google is your friend!). Don't begin your store thinking it will be a quick money maker - it's not going to happen!

However, it occurred to me that there are so many sellers going through the same process when signing up as a new seller. Why reinvent the wheel multiple times? Yes, some of us prefer to keep our best secrets to ourselves, as we are in direct competition after all, but sales and success usually come from creating a quality resource. So I thought maybe it is time to reach out to new sellers and be a kind of mentor. Don’t worry – I will be sharing my own tips and advice directly from my experiences and research. However, this is my disclaimer – I am NOT an expert, what I say should be taken as a guideline only. I am not a top seller, but I do hope I can save you time by sharing some of my best tips with you. After all, in the teaching profession, collaboration is key! I will be posting useful links throughout the series. Some of them may involve quite a bit of reading – please take your time when processing the multitude of information - there is no need to run before you can walk! (Permission has been sought from all authors I have referred to in this post).

This mini-series will run for the month of November, so keep checking back for the next chapter!


I would like to sell my teaching resources.
How do I do this? Where do I start? 

Well, you have multiple options! My personal preference is not to sell on marketplaces which target the same audience, e.g. Teacher Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook. I came across TpT first and have remained there since, as it is just the best community to be part of! I also sell on Educents - mainly because it targets a huge home-school market. The third site I sell on is TES Global - this is because it targets UK buyers. There are tons of sites out there - some more successful that others - choose carefully where you invest your time and consider what your long-term goals are.

For this chapter, I will use TpT as my main example - most sites are similar in make-up, although some have more functionality than others.

1. Premium Seller Status: If you decide you would like to sell on TpT, I suggest you become a Premium seller from the beginning, as opposed to Basic seller. Many people decide they will sell first, make the money, then invest it in Premium seller status. I would not recommend this at all. It can take some time to get your first sales on TpT - after all there are almost 100,000 sellers, so the competition is fierce. It takes time to build a following, to get repeat buyers etc, so it could be months before you have made enough money to invest in Premium seller status.
Basic seller fees:  No annual membership fee, 60% royalties (so 40% commission fee), plus $0.30 transaction fee in certain circumstances.
Premium seller fees:  Annual Membership: $59.95, 85% royalties (so 15% commission fee), plus $0.15 transaction fee in certain circumstances. 

So, if you do the Math, basically your earnings will double as a premium member! The annual membership fee is definitely worth it, especially if you aim to sell in large quantities.

2.  Seller Handbook: I would highly recommend that you read the seller handbook. I made so many mistakes to begin with and these could have easily been avoided by reading the handbook first. Welcome to TpT

3.  Copyright Information: It is extremely important that you become familiar with what you can legally sell on TpT. Please don't make the mistake of checking what other sellers are selling and assuming it is allowed. For example, although you may see lots of Dr. Seuss products on TpT, you cannot actually sell these products because of copyright. Same goes for Disney, Minions etc, etc! These large companies employ people to trawl marketplaces like TpT who get hit with multiple Cease and Desist letters. In these instances, TpT will quickly remove your products. Always check first - the best place to ask advice is the TpT forums. Copyright and Trademark Policy.

4.  Profile: Fill out your store profile - your buyers want to know who you are and what you do. If you can bear it, upload a photo of yourself! The psychology is that a buyer is more likely to trust you if they can see your face. I am currently considering this option - I have been hiding behind a logo for the last 3 years - I did want a degree of anonymity, but my circumstances have since changed, so you may see my face in future! (Profile pics showing too much flesh are a big no no - lol!). If you don't want your face to be seen, you can make yourself a logo or get one made for you. I would recommend having both square and round to hand. Here are some examples of buttons that I use. {N.B: These are also necessary if you are going to sell clip art - any sellers making resources using your clip art will want to credit you with a clickable link to your store. Some use text, but most will want to use your button}. Buttons will be crisper if you can make them using a program like Photoshop, but PowerPoint is just as acceptable. If you don't have the time or skills, it is worth investing a few dollars to have a designer make one for you - you want your store to look as professional as possible.

You can also do other cute things to your profile if you wish.  For example, I have added some social media buttons to mine using HTML.  There are a few options for your store quote section - post a cute or profound quote! You can also use this section to highlight resources with clickable links.  I use it to showcase my design store.  One thing that I would not recommend, which I see quite often, is adding a link to social media, e.g. a facebook page - what you are doing here is sending potential buyers away from your store!

If you would like to know how to add social media buttons, please ask and I will add a tutorial.  I would also direct you to this tutorial by Christi Fultz which explains how to add images and links to your store quote section: TUTORIAL

5.  Primary Free Resource:  You must upload a free resource in your TpT store before you can upload anything to sell. Make sure this is a good quality resource. Many buyers will judge your paid resources from this primary free resource. Make sure it showcases your style and professionalism.

6.  Dress up your store:  The main way to dress up your store is by adding a banner. I keep the same banner all year round - I tend to forget to change it up and have been known to have an autumn banner showing at Christmastime! I see many fabulous seasonal banners or banners highlighting an upcoming sale, but I just don't have the time to invest in this. Adding a banner gives your store that extra touch. It adds information, is eye-catching, and I believe it shows buyers you are committed to your store. It is also possible to add a link to your banner which can direct buyers to a new product you are excited about or a custom category - lots of possibilities. 
 The main banner is called the 'leaderboard' and you also have a second option to add a 'column banner' - located on the left hand side.

The video below shows you where to locate your banners, how to upload them and add a clickable link. I must apologize for this video - it is my first ever and when I am nervous I gabble and speak at a thousand words per minute! I was very aware of speaking S-L-O-W-L-Y and C-L-E-A-R-L-Y, but it resulted in a bit of a M-O-N-O-T-O-N-E! Hopefully you will find it useful though!

You have a few options when creating your store banners. You can create them yourself - this will depend on the time you have available and your skills. Again, they look much crisper when using design software, but they can be created in PowerPoint.

Below are some examples of store banners and the sizes you will need:

Teacher Pay Teachers: 706 x 90px (5.98cm x 0.76cm)

Educents: 1000 x 161px (8.47 x 1.36cm)

TES Global: 1146 x 250 (9.70 x 2.12 cm)

If you need a helping hand, there are many clip artists on TpT who sell store banners - you can then dress them up according to your requirements. Graphics From The Pond has a great free set for TpT stores to start you off: Dress Up Your Store Basics Pack - Make Banners and Badges  If you have absolutely no time at all - find a designer to help you!  Starting at $5, you can add a fabulous banner to your store!  I love Alexis Sanchez from Laugh, Eat, Learn - she is super easy to work with and very reasonably priced.

7.  Featured Products: The featured products section is useful to highlight seasonal products, bundles or series. Remember to change it out regularly.  Follow this path to find this section: Seller Dashboard>View and Edit Product Listings>Quick Edit>Status. You can have up to 4 resources featured - choose wisely!

8.  Customized Categories: Don't rely on the search bar in which ever platform you are selling! Some are better than others, but can be fickle. Instead imagine that a potential buyer has come across your store, you may have 10 pages of products - you want them to find the product they are looking for quickly. They will soon be put off scrolling page after page and quickly look for a store that does have customized categories. Initially, as you begin to create products, you will find each marketplace has a set of tags that you can attach to your product. This is fine to begin with, but as you build on quantity, you will find that your products begin to fit into easily customizable categories - utilize this to help your buyers stay.  Follow this path to customize your categories: Seller Dashboard>View and Edit Product Listings>Manage Your Categories. Don't forget to save!

I love these for category icons: or

9.  Data:  Teachers love data - right?!  Familiar yourself with your product data - it is important to see how each product is performing.  Is it overpriced?  Is it underpriced? Is it wishlisted? How many views has it had? etc. Find those statistics here: Seller Dashboard>Product Statistics.A good rule of thumb for your conversion rate is anything that is around 3% + is performing well.  If the % is very high, perhaps make your product more expensive - it is performing very well indeed!  Below 3% - you need to be asking yourself what you can do to make this product perform better.  
Also keep a daily record of your sales and productivity performance - this will keep you focused on your goals. Primary Paradise has a fabulous free Data Tracker here: Easy Stats Tracker Freebie 
It is also useful to track your monthly earnings from year to year - you want to see a pattern of growth.  Never compare yourself to other sellers - it can be very demotivating and demoralizing! Some sellers come out of the starting blocks with a bang, but most are slow burners like you and me!  With permission from Christi Fultz, click here to download her fabulous Earnings Tracker!

So, that's it for Part One!  I am sure there is so much more, but I was aware that it was already a long read!  If you are ready to sell, just click on the pics below.  These contain affiliate links.  

Happy selling!

Chapter Two - Creating a Product - coming soon!


Freaky Friday tomorrow!

This is a closed promotion. We are not accepting new collaborators at this time.

This year there are 5 Fridays in October, so you will be treated to 'spook'-tacular deals for 5 weeks!
The deals started on October 2nd and will run each Friday through October 30th!

Here is how it works:
Each Friday the participating sellers will select one product from their store to mark down to just $1 for the day!

How will you find these products?
There are 2 ways:

1. Type freakyfriday into the TPT search engine

2. Click the links to the participating stores in the linky at the end of this post and it will take you directly to that store's $1 deal for the day!

  You can also click the first link- it will bring you to all the $1 deals of the day!

So what will you find from me this week?

Ready To Find All the $1 Deals for Week 1 of Freaky Friday?



Hi everyone!  Are you up for a fun challenge?!


Anyone who reads my blog posts will know about my little grandson Jay.  He has been in hospital since he was 4 months old.  He was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia which has proved to be treatment resistant.  (You can find details in my previous posts).  His last option was a stem cell transplant which took place in England about 3 weeks ago.  Sadly the stem cell transplant did not work.  Since then the disease has spread into his spinal fluids and central nervous system.  There are no further options now, although he is still receiving chemotherapy to try to halt the spread of the disease and keep him comfortable.  
Jay's first birthday is not for another couple of months but taking doctors' advice, Jay's parents have decided to hold a birthday party for him tomorrow.  It is important for the family to create as many precious memories as possible in the time left.  Jay has been allowed home for a few days before his next round of chemo, so tomorrow he will be dressing up as Superman, along with his Dad, to attend a special superhero themed party!
So..... this is where the challenge comes in!  Jennifer Kadar from 'Simply Kinder' had the wonderful idea of celebrating along with Jay.  Jay and his parents have gained many friends across the world in the last few months and I am calling on everyone to join in and celebrate Jay's special birthday with him.  Jennifer suggested that everyone spend a moment with their families, take a photo and post it online with the hastag #celebrateBabyJay.  To pose for the photograph, it would be wonderful if you could hold a little cake or cupcake with 1 lit candle and perhaps write a message on a poster, saying who you are and where you are from (see example below).  Once the photo is posted online (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter), anyone who searches with the hashtag #celebrateBabyJay should find a wonderful array of smiling families from all over the world wishing Jay a happy birthday.  
Jay's parents are understandably very fragile right now and this little campaign would help lift their spirits so much.  For months now, they have had the most amazing support, but only Mum and Dad can really know what it is like to spend 6 months in hospital praying that their sick baby will get better.  They have ridden an emotional roller-coaster, had their relationship tested to the maximum, supported other families in vulnerable moments and have shown the most amazing courage and strength.  
Please support them by sharing the top image in as many places as you can - let's make this go viral!!


Thank you so much.
PS:  Thank you to Jennifer Kadar for the idea and Krista Ross Mahan for the wonderful graphic!

Breast Cancer Awareness for kids


 Happy October! Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Take a day or two this month to incorporate some very pink lessons!

 Check out this "Think Pink" freebie from Sweet Integrations. It includes pink-themed activities like Piggy Bank, Strawberry Ice Cream Addition, Place Value Selfies, and more!

 Whether breast cancer has impacted your kids' life from a friend or a family member, or not at all, it's important to start a conversation about this disease. What happens to someone who is diagnosed with breast cancer? What are healthy choices to prevent your kids from getting breast cancer? Gets tips from a mom on having a conversation about breast cancer with kids: How to Talk to Kids About Breast Cancer.

 Susan G. Komen is another amazing resource that organizes fundraisers and raises awareness about breast cancer. There are countless stories from survivors on the Susan G. Komen website. Let these stories inspire you and your children! If you need reading resources about kids and cancer, especially breast cancer, you can read The Lemonade Club by Patricia Polacco, and Mom Goes To War by Irene Aparici Martín. These are excellent books about kids that helping friends and mothers battling cancer.

  How do you talk to your children about breast cancer? 
Are they aware of the disease and its impact? 


A Personal Catch Up!

Well, it's official - I AM A BAD BLOGGER!  I just checked and I have only blogged 15 times this year!  In my defence  my personal life has taken up all my time and energy.
I have ummed and ahhed about writing this post because it is so personal, but I have always treated my blog as a place to leave an indelible stamp, a record to look back on.....
Where do I start?!  2015 has been a year of much change - an emotional roller coaster that has left me flat and detached from my business and blog.
It really began in November 2014 when I fell ill.  The following months are not months I would ever wish to relive, but they are behind me now (mostly!).  The end result of this experience is that I officially left teaching behind.  There really was no choice - the last 4ish years has seen a downturn in my health and absences from school.  To be fair to my students, parents and the school, it was time for me to go.  Guilt is an extremely powerful emotion and the stress of continually feeling guilty about letting people down was taking its toll.  I miss the children terribly, but I miss nothing else.  It was the right time to go, although the transition has been tough.  I have flashes of happy faces and hugging children and sometimes feel sad that I won't experience that again, but I am so grateful for my little business as it helps me stay in touch. I am still contributing to the world of education in my own small way and appreciate the fact that teachers around the world may benefit from my creations!  On that note, I did have some happy news this year - during the summer months, I hit my first TpT milestone - this was a happy interlude in an otherwise miserable year!
Many of you have been following the story of Jay, my 10 month old grandson.  You will remember he was admitted to hospital at 4 months old and diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia.  I do owe you an update on this, although it is not happy news.  Jay had a number of treatments to try and bring about a remission from this nasty disease.  However, this was not to be.  Because there was no remission, he could not have a bone marrow transplant.  His final option was to travel to England for a stem cell transplant.  Although the actual transplant was successful, it did not rid him of the disease.  A few days ago, we also got the news that the disease had spread to his spinal fluids and central nervous system.  He is receiving chemotherapy directly into his spine to try and keep this under control.  At this stage, his Mum and Dad have to make a decision some time soon whether to stop any intervention and let nature take its course.  They have decided to go with doctors advice until such times they feel that it is too much for Jay.  They will then bring him home to enjoy what time they have left with him and try to make some special memories to cherish.  
Cancer continued to reap havoc this year, when I received the news that my ex-husband and dear friend of 27 years had passed away unexpectedly.  He lived in Germany and we had planned to meet up this summer - for the first time in many years.  This plan was put on hold because of Jay's situation and sadly now it is too late.  This brought back many cherished memories.  Peter was a unique man - charismatic, compassionate and inspirational - he has left a huge legacy behind and the world will be a poorer place without him.  Such a massive turn out for his funeral - he inspired loyalty in people and will be sorely missed by many, especially his dear wife and gorgeous girls.  This was a lot to process in what was already a horrible year and left a mark of sadness which will take some time to fade.
So folks - life is short - make the most of it while you can.  Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, hug your children tight and prioritize what is important to you.
Currently, my dear husband is working away for 5 weeks and I miss him so much!  He has been my rock this year whilst I was poorly.  I can hardly believe that 11 months has gone by.  I blinked and 2015 is nearly over - I can't say I am sad about that.  Although there is so much more to come with Jay, my mindset has changed slightly and I am beginning to look forward, not dwell on what has been and the ifs and buts.  I have had some amazing support from dear dear friends who have been there every step of the way - I will never forget that!  I feel I have reached a much stronger place where I will cope much better with this emotional roller coaster that has not quite come to an end.
On a positive note, if you got this far, I will leave you with 2 words from the world of social media: Periscope and Blab - absolutely fascinating!  If you have not checked them out, I recommend that you do - it's like attending professional development every day - I am constantly amazed at the ever-changing world of education!
That's it, dear friends, I have broken the duck of blogging and I hope it won't be too long before I post again.  Thanks so much for sticking around!

Milestone Giveaway!

My little blog has been sorely neglected over 2015!  Real life got in the way, but the details will be for another post.  Today I want to CELEBRATE!  This is one the best and nicest things to happen this year and I just want to shout it from the rooftops!  Yes, I hit a TpT milestone - feeling very blessed, excited and happy!  This came just at a time when I needed it most and I couldn't be more grateful!  Of course - what's a celebration without a giveaway?!

Some wonderful virtual friends have donated beyond expectation - without them I wouldn't be able to bring you this giveaway today! 


Rafflecopter 1:  Two $50 TpT gift certificates.  Two winners will be chosen from this rafflecopter.

Rafflecopter 2:  A ton of wonderful products that should make 'back to school' just that little bit easier! One winner will be chosen from this rafflecopter.

Rafflecopter 3:  Clip art - we all know we can never have enough!  One winner will be chosen from this rafflecopter.

You all know the drill - just click and follow the instructions - easy peasy!  Have fun and Good Luck!

Fundraiser for baby Jay - update!

Hi everyone!  Just a quick update on Jay's fundraiser.
As it is the end of May, we have decided it is time to deactivate the bundles.
Just a couple of housekeeping things first!!
Bundle 3 was deactivated early in the month as it had a limit of 20 sales - apologies to anyone who might have been looking for it!  If you bought it, it is still available for download.
Bundles 1 and 2 are still available through this weekend.  Please note I have added an extra pack to both bundles.  These were a couple of late donations and in all the craziness I forgot to add them!  If you bought either Bundles 1 or 2, please re-download to get your extra goodies!
Please click on the pic above to find this bundle in my store!

Please click on the pic above to find this bundle in my store!

Jay has just completed his second round of chemo.  Once the side effects kick in, he starts to feel very poorly - spiking temperatures and sickness, however he still finds a smile for everyone!
Most of his hair has now gone apart from a little fluff!  Late last night he had a blood transfusion - this has become normal.  Many of the procedures are now becoming routine - he just soldiers on as best he can.   Mum and Dad can only take each day as it comes - waiting for test results, waiting for Jay's next procedure and so on.  At this stage there is no end in sight, so they will continue to live with him during his treatment.  Other than this little bit of news, Jay is no better, but he is also no worse.  We continue to pray for him and support his family as best we can.
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who bought a clip art bundle - your support, generosity and prayers have been overwhelming!
A special thank you has to go to the donors of the bundles, without whom this fundraiser would not have been possible.  The clip artists below are amazingly talented and wonderfully generous - I can't thank them enough for everything they have done!
If you haven't yet grabbed one of these amazing bundles - do it this weekend, as they will not be available afterwards - who can say no to $70 worth of clip art for $15?!  Please spread the word - tell your friends, family and co-workers!  Thank you so much!

Fundraiser for Baby Jay

My name is Jay and this is my story.

When I was nearly 4 months old my Mummy took me to see the doctor. I had been sick for a few days and the doctor said I had a cold. He gave me some medicine to make the cold go away.

Mummy was worried because I didn’t seem to be getting any better, then I got a big bruise on my head! We went back to visit the doctor one cold Monday afternoon in March. He thought I looked very pale and took some blood from me.

On Tuesday Mummy got a phone call – we had to go on trip. On Thursday we travelled a long way by ambulance to a big hospital in the city. That night a doctor told my Mummy and Daddy that I had an illness with a fancy name – Acute Myeloid Leukaemia – what a tongue twister! The doctor said I needed a special medicine called chemotherapy. I had to have funny tubes in my head and chest. After the medicine I felt very poorly and got very fat! Mummy laughed that I was always sick over her and not Daddy!!

Sometimes I have to be given extra blood and spend a lot of time in a big room having a horrible needle put in my back. I try to be strong but sometimes I cry.

I don’t really like my milk anymore, so I have another funny tube up my nose and into my tummy – it tickles sometimes!

When I was nearly 5 months old, the doctor told Mummy and Daddy that I had a special illness called Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukaemia. The medicine has to be a bit stronger now, so Mummy and Daddy said I had to wear my superhero outfit and be a fighter! My big sister Chloe came to visit me and gave me a huge hug – this made me feel so good!

Granny told me that she has friends in her computer who have helped Mummy and Daddy. Mummy stays with me all the time, but Daddy travels a lot and they have to buy extra things for me. Visitors bring me presents and sometimes that makes Mummy cry, but she says it is happy crying! 

I miss my big sister and my doggy, Wheeto, but I know I have to stay here to get better. 

Granny said there are some more very kind people who want to help us. She has put some lovely things in her computer for people to buy. I am not really sure what this means, but Granny says it is a good thing! Mummy says I have to say thank you to everyone who is helping us, so I am giving you all a big thank you hug from me! I promise to be a big strong boy and keep fighting this bad illness, so I can get better and be with my family.

Did you see me in my giraffe outfit? Didn’t I look cute?!

Lots of love,

So, I am granny!!  My wonderful TpT clip artist friends have donated many wonderful products for Jay's Fundraiser.

Contributing Stores (Thank you from the bottom of my heart!)

Graphics From The Pond
 Sprouting in Second
Little Peace of Africa
 KB Konnected Clips
Teaches Third In Georgia
Catia Dias
Amy Alvis
 Glitter Meets Glue Designs
 Lindy du Plessis
 Lovin’ Lit
Whimsy Workshop Teaching
Graphics and more by Tee
The Traveling Classroom
Teacher’s Gumbo
Teacher’s Toolkit Design
The Doodle Oven
My Happy Place
A Sketchy Guy
Sonya DeHart
The Library Fox
Lil' Frog Illustrations
Ta-doodles Illustrations

There are 3 bundles in total.  
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Just click on the pic to find this bundle in my store!

This bundle is no longer active - sorry!
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